LABOR DAY WEEKEND August 29th to September 4th

The Hideout Theatre’s Summer Intensives are coming August 14-18! Five days (that’s 30 hours) of intensive improv instruction from the Hideout’s most experienced teachers, performers and directors.

Kareem Badr, Courtney Hopkin, Andy Crouch, Roy Janik, Kaci Beeler, Kacey Samiee, Quinn Buckner and more will be teaching over the course of the week. Improvisers will be coming to Austin from the UK, Latvia, Pennsylvania, California and we’ll have several local students as well!

There are two tracks: the Hideout’s Signature Summer Intensive and The Hideout’s Advanced Narrative Intensive.

The Signature Summer Intensive is an exploration of the playful Keith Johnstone-inspired approach to the core tenets of improv in the morning and  and in the afternoon students will immerse themselves in our deep and abiding passion for theatrical narrative improvisation.

The Hideout’s Advanced Narrative Intensive gets into the nitty gritty of improvising full length stories, plays and movies. The Hideout is one of the world’s most active narrative improv theaters (home of the internationally touring Parallelogramophonograph).

The advanced narrative intensive is recommended for improvisers with at least a year of narrative training or over five years of general improv experience so we ask that you apply to register for the program.

Learn about the work we do in our mainstages, get more practice time on stage, work with a variety of teachers and meet new improvisors from around the world!

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The Hideout Theatre is a sponsor of the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.