LABOR DAY WEEKEND August 29th to September 4th

What’s more extreme than extreme? The most extreme, brutal, and Satanic black metal band of all time — Witch Taint.

Lance is a 19-year-old Norwegian black metal superfan hailing from Gary, Indiana. Sure, he lives with his parents, but that didn’t stop him from starting his own black metal band. As lead singer and sole member of Witch Taint, he’s got some pretty big goals. This self-crowned King of Black Metal reached out to a record label in Oslo and pitched his song “Necrodreamraper” in hopes of getting signed. This epic email conversation later become known as the Black Metal Dialogues.

Okay, what really happened is that comedian Dave Hill posed as Lance, but the email exchange was 100% real. Phil Costello joins him in the Black Metal Dialogues — donning all black attire and corpse paint — which concludes in a live performance by the unholiest of Satanic black metal bands, Witch Taint. (No promises, but there could a live goat. Fingers crossed that Satan delivers!) You can also count on hearing the infamous “Necrodreamraper” from the King of Black Metal himself, Lance.

Here’s a sneak peek of Witch Taint. Warning: The video you are about to see might be too extreme. Side effects may include death metal screams and infernal nightmares.

Want to see more? You can catch Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live! at the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.

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(This post is part of a series featuring the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Headliners.)