LABOR DAY WEEKEND August 29th to September 4th

As the name obviously suggests, “White Women” is an improv group comprised of seven black men. Despite being primarily housed out of UCB, White Women has performed at basically every venue in Los Angeles, and also put on shows in NYC and San Francisco. They had the pleasure of co-writing and starring in a Funny or Die Exclusive, and have had their sketches featured on the Huffington Post, Funny or Die, and Comedy Central. They deliver a show filled with infectious energy, physicality, and bold choices. If you sleep on them, they’ll do a backflip off your mattress.

Here are some videos:


Ronnie Adrian – Using Specificity and Relationship to Inform Your Scenework
This workshop is designed to help you stop treating your scene relationships/choices as arbitrary and start using them to move your scenes forward. You’ll feel your scenes become easier to be in and you’ll feel the need to “be funny” lessen because the natural exploration of the specifics/relationships will be doing all the work for you. And the best part, when you hit that dreaded “scene wall” where the idea doesn’t seem to be funny anymore, this workshop will help you develop the skills to discover the next thing without the need for panicky invention.

Carl Tart – Improvising in Character
Learn to improvise in character without overpowering the scene and steamrolling your scene partner. This workshop will challenge students to make fun and constructive character choices. Students will work on playing new characters, making strong improv moves, and incorporating “Game” into their characters and scene work. You’ll walk away with new confidence and understanding of characters in improv. Whether you’re experienced or new to improv, this workshop offers something for you!

Zeke Nicholson – Controlled Chaos
Many improv scenes and sets can be “technically correct,” yet still somehow suffer from not being dynamic enough. This workshop will focus on methods to introduce a little bit of chaos into your scene work, making unexpected and bold choices that keep the improviser ahead of the audience, and foster a greater sense of play. It’s important to be able to stay on the rails, but it’s also important to jump out of the cart and fall down the mountain every now and again.

Want more? You can catch White Women at the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.

A limited number of festival passes are now on sale. Get your festival pass right here right now! Check out the festival schedule and workshop schedule right here.

(This post is part of a series featuring the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Headliners.)