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“Too lazy to shoot hoops and too tall to model, Marcella Arguello stands over 6 feet. Although she may be taller than most men, the only thing more intimidating than her height is her comedy.”

Marcella Arguello is a stand up, writer, and actress hailing from Northern California. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and has no qualms about telling you how she feels about subjects concerning race, gender, politics, relationships, family, work, music, pop culture and whatever else is on her mind that day.

Some of her recent writing credits include the Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the World” and James Corden’s spin-off show “Drop the Mic.” Plus her Twitter account (@marcellacomedy) has been featured on CNN, Fox,, and various entertainment websites. Arguello is also a fan favorite and six-time winner on Comedy Central’s @midnight.

Arguello’s parents were raised in El Salvador, and she was raised in Northern California. As the youngest, she says she didn’t get enough attention so she was always really loud and wanted to make everybody laugh. Eventually someone recommended she give stand up a try. She tells LatiNation, “You know, I find it fascinating about stand up is that you can talk about something that means a lot to you, you can have a message, and you can hide it behind a voice — like doing an impression of somebody — and it gets them. They realize they heard something very serious and they kind of went with the rest of the ride. You’re changing their mind without realizing it. They don’t even realize that you’re changing their mind or making them think a little differently because you can send a heavy message on stage and hide it with something kind of silly which is what I like to do.”

Watch her full interview with LatiNation right here:

And we’ll leave you with her impressions of Toni Braxton and Drake.

You can catch Marcella Arguello at the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.

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(This post is the second in a series about the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Headliners.)