Wednesday, August 27th

8:00 PM at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Nicole McCracken, Ashley Nugent , Taylor Overstreet, Liz Dykes , Chrissy Shakelford, Seth Johnson, Aaron Walther, Sanjay Rao , Brett Tribe , Alejandro Garcia , Emma Holder

Beware of Female Spies

Improv – Austin, TX

Beware of Female Spies is an improvised narrative that centers around the head female spy at America’s top spy agency, S.P.O.O.F.S. (Special Operations Over Foreign Secrets), and her male counterpart as they go on assignment, fall in or out of love, and save the world. Trouble is her fellow agents of S.P.O.O.F.S. aren't always seeing the mission in the same way. Each week she fights calculating villains and patriarchal double standards as well as the sexual tension between herself and her male counterpart. Inspired by the shows Archer, Alias, Veronica Mars, Torchy Blane, and Get Smart, Beware of Female Spies is an improvised comedy take on the classic spy genre with a romantic screwball comedy twist.

Directed by Emma Holder and starring all star improvisers from multiple Austin theaters, Beware of Female Spies debuted as a ColdTowne Theater mainstage production in January of 2014 and was later performed at the Improvised Play Festival at the Hideout Theatre.

Troupe Photo
Kristin Henn, Nathan Livni, Ed Melendez, Alex Baia, Josh Gill

Oh, Science!

Improv – Austin, TX

Oh, Science! performs intensely funny long form, building a mono-scene into a rich, unexpected world. Their high energy and unexpected twists engage and entertain.

Oh, Science!, of Austin, Texas, formed in July of 2009 and performs every Sunday night at ColdTowne Theater. They are proud to have built a strong following and love to see familiar faces in the audience return week after week. Performing weekly together for 5 years has given the group a strong sense of purpose and allowed them to grow into one of the tightest, funniest troupes in town.

Troupe Photo
Jessica Arjet, Gloria Rabil Bankler, Ryan Hill, Paul Normandin

In Our Prime

Improv – Austin, TX

In Our Prime are four Improvised Story Tellers finding the grounded and real life in their fully made up and improvised tales. From your suggestions, they will explore relationships with solid and grounded characters often unique yet everyday. Their story will unfold from the interactions discovered in the opening scenes. In Our Prime's patented CurveBall Format allows for a strange location, unreal event or other crazy twist to be added into the mix. In Our Prime uses every nuance from the first few offers to find, the all too fleeting, path to the finish. By the end, you will want to know more about what happened “ever since that day. . .”

IOP has been playing together since 2011 and has performed over 45 shows all over the country from Hawaii in 2012 to Washington, DC in 2013 with many stages in between.


Coldtowne Theater shows are Marathon-style, each group with 30 minutes of stage time. end to end, nonstop. Audience Members can sit in their chair as long as they like. from 6pm- 12mid with no reservations needed. First come first serve.

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