Wed, 8pm Hideout Down

Wednesday, August 28th

8:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Emily Breedlove, Bridget Brewer, Jeff Britt, Quinn Buckner, Topping Haggerty, Jordan Maxwell, Peter Rogers, Lacy Shawn, and Clay Towery Michael Yew (sound).

The Professor: Improv Inspired by Doctor Who - 1575


The Professor and his companions travel the cosmos protecting history, righting wrongs, uplifting the downtrodden, and sometimes accidentally tearing giant holes in the fabric of the universe, but always LEARNING. What villainous being is lurking on the edges of our solar system as Voyager I passes by? What did Napoleon really do during his exile on Elba? Only the Professor can discover the true truth...and break it down for the rest of us.

Since it's inception less than 2 years ago, "The Professor: Improv Inspired by Doctor Who" has travelled mighty distances across great oceans and greater still swaths of improvised time and space and inspired others to create similar shows in LA, San Francisco, and Oklahoma. In this, the 50th Anniversary year of our show's progenitor, Doctor Who, we celebrate the classic TV series from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, by shifting our style back in time, to that grande era of simpler special effects, shoddy robots (yes, there will be ACTUAL robots!), and plot-lines you can actually follow.

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Cast:Andy Crouch, Troy A. Miller

Danger! Warning! Improv! - 1793


Danger! Warning! Improv! is like no other improv comedy show you've seen. The duo of Andy Crouch and Troy A. Miller might just be insane. That's because they take the source material of popular adventure franchises like Star Trek, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, and attempt to improvise a brand new chapter - only they play all the characters, replicate all the special effects, and control all music and sound from the stage using a laptop computer. You'll gasp. You'll laugh. And you'll be right there in the show with them. 
It's improv comedy in 3D. 
Er, 4D?

Danger! Warning! Improv! is the brainchild of veteran improv comedians Andy Crouch (Hideout Theatre Education Director, Director of "Live Nude Improv" and "Fakespeare") and Troy A. Miller (Hideout Theatre teacher, Director of "Start Trekkin", member of the award-winning "Confidence Men"). In an effort to create as risky and fun a show for themselves and the audience, they conceived of the notion to first try improvising a Star Trek episode playing all the characters (and bouncing back and forth between those characters) as well as playing all the crew members by doing sound and special effects right from the stage.

It worked. After a wildly successful run at the Hideout Theatre, DWI added two more formats to their repertoire, with equally successful engagements: improvised James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. They'll be unveiling the newest format in another run at the Hideout Theatre in 2013.

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Coldtowne Theater shows are Marathon-style, each group with 30 minutes of stage time. end to end, nonstop. Audience Members can sit in their chair as long as they like. from 6pm- 12mid with no reservations needed. First come first serve.

So if you want to be sure to see a show you may be well advised to show up a couple shows before the one you really want to see.

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