Thursday, August 28th

8:00 PM at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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Gary Pascal, Jonathan Euseppi, Mike Sullivan, Hugo Vargas-Zesati


Improv – Austin, TX/Chicago, IL

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RLM is three best buddies living the dream. Their shows are fast, like a cheetah. Exciting, like a Dennis Rodman. And elegant, like a condor.
RLM is Jonathan Euseppi, Gary Pascal and Mike Sullivan – three best friends from Austin, Texas currently based in Chicago, IL. Graduates of the MerlinWorks Institute for Improvisation, the iO Chicago Training Center, and the Second City Conservatory, RLM has performed together in various capacities for more than four years. Festival credits include the Chicago Improv Festival and the Des Plaines Comedy Festival.

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Ace Manning, Michael Joplin, Bill Stern, Jeremy Sweetlamb, Kaci Beeler

Available Cupholders

Improv – Austin, TX

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Fun Fact: The Available Cupholders all went to the same high school, but graduated at different times.

The Available Cupholders are a true staple of the Austin Improv & Comedy Scene. With all members holding over 12+ years of improv experience, the AC are those funny kids from high school that stuck it out and made their fun hobby their life's work. The Cupholders have trained all over the country with masters like Keith Johnstone, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, Randy Dixon, 3 For All, and more. They've toured extensively, especially on the American college circuit.

The Available Cupholders are known for their fast, playful, and extremely connected style. They got their reputation from their various experimental concepts that kept audiences coming back for more. Now in their 10th year performing together, The Cupholders strive to be on the cusp of a daring theatrical experience that takes place anytime, anywhere.

"If you don't know Available Cupholders, you don't know improv." - Austin Chronicle


Coldtowne Theater shows are Marathon-style, each group with 30 minutes of stage time. end to end, nonstop. Audience Members can sit in their chair as long as they like. from 6pm- 12mid with no reservations needed. First come first serve.

Tickets are $10

So if you want to be sure to see a show you may be well advised to show up a couple shows before the one you really want to see.

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