Thursday, August 28th

8:30 PM at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Troupe Photo
Daniel Pavatich, Marcus Willis, Justin Porter, Adam Kangas

Bear Attack

Improv – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Bear Attack is an improv troupe from Melbourne Australia, which has been setting audiences ablaze with their signature long-form and complete disregard for fire safety. Bear Attack relies on shame, moments of terror (for the performers) and a dogged pursuit of laughs, in order to craft a show that leaves audiences saying "Give me back my son!"

Troupe Photo
Saurabh Pande, Kirk Ellis, Jason Ronje, Colin David, Kevin Lusignolo, Andrew Garrett, Adam Sowers


Improv – Houston, Texas

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Glaundor is a long form team founded in September of 2010. The team consists of 7 men who formed at the University of Houston in Houston Texas.

Glaundor grabs a non geographical location and explores one location and world for 25 minutes with all 6 members starting on stage. They create rich personal relationships as well as discovering unique truths to the world around them. The team's staple stage diet is a mono-scene done in real time.

Troupe Photo
Tom Booker, Asaf Ronen, John Ratliff, David Buckman

You’re Not My Real Dad

Improv – Austin, TX

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Upbeat, fresh-faced, and brimming with youthful enthusiasm – these are phrases you will never, ever hear applied to Austin’s You’re Not My Real Dad. Embittered by experience, railroaded by relationships, down by law, YNMRD are never going to see thirty again, and they’re pissed about it. So they perform improv the same way they walk into the kitchen in the morning: balls out. They get their inspiration from old LPs and their dinner from the gas station. This is improv with authority from the last people you’d want to have any.

You’re Not My Real Dad has been performing together for the last six years. They are four of the oldest men in the Austin Improv Community and have been doing improv for combined total of approximately 75 years. And have the bank accounts to prove it!


Coldtowne Theater shows are Marathon-style, each group with 30 minutes of stage time. end to end, nonstop. Audience Members can sit in their chair as long as they like. from 6pm- 12mid with no reservations needed. First come first serve.

Tickets are $10

So if you want to be sure to see a show you may be well advised to show up a couple shows before the one you really want to see.

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