Thu, 10pm Hideout Up

Thursday, August 29th

10:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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Cast:Karen Jane DeWitt, Nicole Beckley, Ryan Austin, Zac Grantham

Local Genius Society - 1638


Local Genius Society perform a character-driven improvised one-act play. Their chemistry, energy, and love of games always shines through. As Geniuses, they constantly draw from their knowledge bank which includes the rules of curling, the intricacies of motion graphics, the proper way to handle a dangling participle, and how to bake a Baked Alaska.

Since forming in December 2010 Local Genius Society has performed runs of accordion-backed game-driven shows, color-inspired improvised plays, bathing suit-clad cop stories, and hosted a weekly show at Austin's Dive Bar (in conjunction with the Hideout Theatre). They've opened for notable Austin, TX troupes such as Girls Girls Girls, Parallelogramophonograph, and Confidence Men.

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Cast:Brad Hawkins, Christie Ingram, Chuy Zarate, Cole Spainhour, David Lampe, Jessica Arjet, Kevin Miller, Mike Kinald, Ruby Willmann, Summer Brow, Topping Haggerty, Tyler Bryce, Weldon Phillips

Your Dad's Friends - 1730

Austin,TX TX

Your Dad's Friends is a group of seasoned veteran Austinites. They host a show once a month in The Hideout Theater's Free Fringe. In this show, they will be performing a structure that they call "Location". They will get a location from the audience, connect with each other and then breakout into scenes that enhance the enjoyment of the original location. Your Dad's Friends is the old school troupe of Austin who work from the ideal that the audience comes first. You will be thoroughly entertained by YDF or they will quit improv forever...

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Cast:Calan Lambert, Chaz Formichella, Drew Wesely, Jessica Marpe, Nicole McCracken, Tim Honker,Nathan Sowell, Joseph Dailey

Nice Astronaut - 1570


Nice Astronaut is composed of ColdTowne Theater faculty and graduates and their 5 year roster of alumni boasts some of the most eclectic and creative minds in the Austin Improv Community. In recent years, they have regularly played Chicago Improv festival, the Del Close Marathon, Out of Bounds and many other Improv Festivals.
Nice Astronaut has created many original formats including "Improvioke!", "It's a Tolerable Christmas", "28 Minutes Later" and this show's "Small Universe" format which starts with a single object and expands with grounded relationship scenes, intertwining locations and transitions into fast paced game play.

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Coldtowne Theater shows are Marathon-style, each group with 30 minutes of stage time. end to end, nonstop. Audience Members can sit in their chair as long as they like. from 6pm- 12mid with no reservations needed. First come first serve.

So if you want to be sure to see a show you may be well advised to show up a couple shows before the one you really want to see.

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