Thu, 10pm Hideout Down

Thursday, August 29th

10:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Alex Dobrenko, Lindsey Reeves, Andreas Fabis, Marc Majcher, Ruby Willmann

The Escorts - 1613


The Escorts aren't just experts at mixing drinks - they are also experts in mixing time itself. When you have the past and the future, who needs the present? Join us as we retell the mixed-up lives of lovers, family members, friends, heros and villains.

The creation of the Escorts occurred through natural friendships and the natural discovery of an innate chemistry on stage. Through countless other productions, the five members realized that, together, they had something special. Members of The Escorts include Hideout teachers Marc Majcher, Hideout teacher Ruby Willmann, Andreas Fabis, Lindsey Reeves and Alex Dobrenko. Performances include the Hideout's Live Nude Improv, Salvage Vanguard's False Matters (Improvised Philip K. Dick), the Hideout's The Black Vault (improvised HP Lovecraft), the Hideout's ROCK: Improvised Rock Opera and much much more...

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Cast:Addison Billingsley, Byron Brown, Carlos LaRotta, Jeff Whitaker, Kirk Johnson , Max Lipchitz, Tre Fuentes, Will Elliott

Precious Dads - 1827


Precious Dads tends to start things off by casually asking for a one word suggestion, and then, all of the sudden, all 8 of them are standing in front of the audience, lecturing them on the dangers of that particular thing. From there, they improvise a high energy show built on the nice chat/scolding they just had at the top of the show. Afterward, they go out for a pack of smokes and are never seen again - except MAYBE on your birthday. But don't worry, they still love you!

Precious Dads is all about being bros, for PD is actually a melding of two different troupes: "Precious" and "D.A.D.S." All good buddies, they were told one day by their home theater that they should combine for "scheduling purposes." So they did. Now Precious Dads has been performing fun, high-energy shows at ColdTowne Theater and the Hideout, with multiple weekly runs in the relatively short time they've been performing together. They are known for the well-received "Dads in Bars" Armando run in January of 2013, and the audience-loved run during which they served giant pizzas before every show. Those pizzas were great!

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Cast:Dave Buckman, Michael Joplin, Troy Miller

Brain Trust - 1647

Austin,TX, Tx

Based on a place of employment, each scene contains three people of a certain social class. The show revolves that location and eventually this cast of characters weave together.

In the tradition of ZZ Top, Motorhead, Cream, Green Day and the Police, three of the most respected Improvisers in Austin combine to form a new Power Rock trio. Brian Trust combines the virtuoso performances of Merlin Works Teacher Michael Joplin (The Available Cupholders), Hideout Teacher Troy Miller (Confidence Men) and Coldtowne Teacher Dave Buckman (The Frank Mills).

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