Sun, 930pm Velveeta

Sunday, September 1st

9:30 pm at The Velveeta Room

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Jake Sharon - 1533

Austin,TX/ Denver

Jake Sharon starts his sets by making fun of his crazy self just long enough to disarm the crowd; and uses that opportunity to sneak in a couple challenging opinions, throws a few curveballs, and tickles a sacred cow or two.
Jake also sometimes busts out a known tradition of his podcast- The Battery Podcast- by finding a positive to any negative the crowd can shout out. He dares you to stump him! Jake can find the bright side to anything! Other times, he just goes off on a wild tangent, but he always brings it back together, and surprises even himself- by the lessons he and the crowd have learned. He also likes hugs!

Jake Sharon is a silly, brain-damaged goofy head. His improv background & years of aggravation fuel his manic outbursts.
Jake's universally enjoyed style has allowed him to work with Jim Jefferies, Brian Regan, Nick Vatterott, Jon Reep, Kyle Kinane, Josh Blue, Chris Porter, Steve McGrew, Ben Kronberg, Shane Mauss, & David Alan Grier. Jake tours colleges & the best clubs across the country, including the Denver Comedy Works, Harvey's, the Improv, etc. Jake was featured in The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and twice in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival and three times in the Boston Comedy Festival. His antics have appeared on ESPN, Warner Bros.' Elimidate, and Reader'

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David Drake - 1621

Chicago, IL

David Drake is a stand up comedian slash human-being out of Chicago. With a high energy delivery and a pretty good face, David tackles the hard hitting topics like stealing bananas and talking to girls.

David Drake is a comedian. He is a very funny comedian. Since moving to Chicago he has been named 'Best of the Midwest' by the Iowa Comedy Festival and has been featured in Chicago's Snubfest Comedy Festival, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Boston's Magners Comedy Festival, the World Series of Comedy, the Detroit Comedy Festival, the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest, the Women in Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival in New York. He was also featured in Comcast's televised stand up specials 'Who's Laughing Now?' and 'Trial by Laughter' as well as the College Humor Live show at the UCB theater in New York. David currently performs nationwide while working out a niche in Chicago's alternative comedy scene and sometimes he'll eat fries off your plate. He feels bad about that.

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Derek Phelps - 1759


Derek Phelps is a well-dressed stand-up comedian who will be performing both original short jokes, one-liners and also more involved bits that skew towards the absurd. He has a unique sense of pacing and delivery, and his material has a penchant for finding comfort in the uncomfortable-ness. If you're looking for someone who's more interested in how he can dislodge the piece of floss stuck in his teeth rather than politics or pop-culture, he's your man. Derek has performed as part of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest and the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival (where he opened for Maria Bamford), and he co-produces a successful monthly live comedy game show called Laugh, Dammit!

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Brendan Fitzgibbons - 1748

Palatine, IL

Brendan Fitzgibbons combines current events and observations as well as personal story-telling. A typical Fitzgibbons set will include getting to know the crowd and observing the atmosphere of the room. His sets cover a variety of subjects while keeping the audience gleefully engaged with his charismatic and energetic style.
He has been writing, acting and performing stand-up comedy in New York City for six years. He performs regularly at both UCB theaters in New York. His work has been featured in The Onion, McSweeney's Lucky Magazine, Bravo, and MTV.

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Ed Hill - 1486

Vancouver & Taipei

Join Ed in a hilarious journey through the eyes and voice of an oriental boy living in North America, where he discusses and covers topics from strange family dynamics, interpersonal misunderstanding, culturally inappropriate personal trips and finally unbelievable life stories. Meet characters such as the friend without a brain, the brother with no social filter, the obliviously inappropriate neighbor, and the politically incorrect dad. Ed's heart-warming comedic stories, with a hint of dark humorous punch, will leave you laughing from the bottom of your hearts.

Originally from Taiwan, Ed is an emerging young comic who moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 18 years ago, thinking he was on vacation at his father's 
Since then, Ed has performed all over the world. He has appeared on Bite TV's "Stand up & Bite Me", XM Radio's "Laugh Attack" and Comedy Time TV. He was also invited to perform at Comedy Masala in Singapore, the Boston Comedy Festival, San Francisco Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, North Carolina Arts Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival the Vancouver Comedy Festival and many more.
Ed is still currently on vacation with his potato-like dogs.

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Jess Salomon - 1672

Montreal, Canada

Jess Salomon is a former UN war crimes lawyer turned stand up comic. The Montreal Metro has called her comedy "charming and intelligent". She calls it "raconteur-ish, personal, dirty on a good night". Her 93 year old grandmother calls it "time to go back to law and find a husband". A rising star on the Canadian comedy scene Jess has quickly become a regular at clubs in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. She is the co-producer of "The Girl on Girl on Girl Comedy Show" which toured the Northeast to packed houses in 2011- 2012 as well as this year's "Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays" tour in Ottawa and Toronto.

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Luke McClory - 1802


Luke McClory comments on many of the same issues as a typical comedian, but from the seldom-charted point of view of a positive, up-beat individual. He also does impressions but typically gravitates towards those that are, as he sees it, not performed enough: People such as Bill Pullman (not the guy from Aliens), Bob Barker, and George Takei. Luke McClory also gives unsolicited fashion advice, though this usually occurs before or after the designated performance.

Luke McClory has been performing since 2010 under the name Luke McClory. His genial, take-some-prisoners style has made him a favorite across the spectrum, from grandmothers to great-grandmothers. Luke has been a multi-time semi-finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin and has performed at both the Velveeta Room and Cap City Comedy Club, opening for such headliners as John Heffron and Deon Cole.

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