Sat, 9pm – The State

Saturday, August 31st

9:00 pm at Stateside at the Paramount

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Cast:Jimmy Carlson ,Craig Uhlir

Middle Age Comeback - 1862

Chicago & LA

Middle Age Comeback performed it’s unique, fully improvised, high-energy fun brand of comedy to sold out houses at i.O. Chicago for over five years. Its two members, Jimmy Carlson and Craig Uhlir have been working together in different capacities since 1995. Both players have performed, directed, and taught for The Second City and i.O (both LA and Chicago). Carlson now lives in LA and works in television while Uhlir continues to blast away in the Chicago Improv scene. The show began when Uhlir returned from a three year run with Second on the Las Vegas strip, which Carlson directed. They have taken Middle Age Comeback to U.C.B. New York, Anchorage Alaska, Kalamazoo Michigan, and a few points inbetween and are very happy to be taking it to Austin.

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Cast:Todd Stashwick, Ezra Weisz, Sabrina Hill, Jason Ades

The Doubtful Guests - 1853


"In 1888 old London town. Ms. Vesta's Brothel did burn down. This doubtful fire claimed we guests. This empty stage our souls unrest. Eternally damned to entertain. To your delight and our disdain. Unwritten, unscripted except this verse. Spontaneous diversion is our curse. Vesta, Vascillus, Riffus and Bawk will spin and spit and slither and squawk. And if we shadows do offend...

Live with it."

The Doubtful Guests is an improvised macabre cabaret that is based in Los angeles, California. It was created by Jason Ades, Sabrina Hill, Todd Stashwick and Ezra Weisz. This foursome wanted to take improvised theatre into a more stylized, highly theatrical form. The show is a kaleidoscopic improvised play... spinning scenes, songs and madness into an unforgettable night of improvised mayhem.

The backstory: four decrepit bufoons, living in the underbelly of Jack the Ripper's London, are killed in a brothel fire in 1888. Their damnation is to perform this improvised cabaret. Always aware that what they are doing is a performance, it becomes a show within a show as the players, begrudgingly, take on the roles of that evening's tale of woe. Dark morality plays emerge as tales of comeuppance and revenge are exacted on the stage. All of this delicious darkness is scored by The Penny Dreadful. Accordion, Mandolin, Banjo-Uke, Stand up Bass and a drum-kit expertly plunk out the twisted little ditties discovered along the way.

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