Sat, 930pm – Velveeta

Saturday, August 31st

9:30 pm at The Velveeta Room

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Luke McClory - 1802


Luke McClory comments on many of the same issues as a typical comedian, but from the seldom-charted point of view of a positive, up-beat individual. He also does impressions but typically gravitates towards those that are, as he sees it, not performed enough: People such as Bill Pullman (not the guy from Aliens), Bob Barker, and George Takei. Luke McClory also gives unsolicited fashion advice, though this usually occurs before or after the designated performance.

Luke McClory has been performing since 2010 under the name Luke McClory. His genial, take-some-prisoners style has made him a favorite across the spectrum, from grandmothers to great-grandmothers. Luke has been a multi-time semi-finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin and has performed at both the Velveeta Room and Cap City Comedy Club, opening for such headliners as John Heffron and Deon Cole.

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Dhaya Lakshminarayanan - 1540

San Francisco, CA

Dhaya is a stand-up comic, storyteller, and TV host. She was part of the 2013 San Francisco Sketchfest in two shows, one stand-up comedy showcase and a one comedic storytelling show. Nationally, she also has had sold-out showcases at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, and at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland. At the 2012 Sketchfest, she performed storytelling with Marc Maron and later in the year, was a semifinalist at the Boston Comedy Festival.
Over the last three years, she has been a frequent comedic storyteller on NPR's "Snap Judgment" with contributions ranging from co-producing, narrating segments and performing; the last cumulating in a piece that aired on both NPR and PBS. She is considered a regular contributor.
She has opened for comedians including Greg Proops, Anthony Jeselnik, Maz Jobrani, and Dick Gregory. She has also opened for Jello Biafra as part of an Occupy fundraiser to purchase and forgive debt.

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Patrick Hastie - 1564

Des Moines, IA

An energetic stage presence, infectious charisma, and a genuine love and respect for the art of comedy. Patrick Hastie makes every set just as fresh and fun as the last.

Patrick Hastie began his comedy career in Des Moines, Iowa in early 2011. Since then, he has performed alongside comedians such as Kyle Kinane and Rory Scovel, and has done shows all across the Midwest. Patrick was a finalist in the 2012 Omaha C4 Comedy Competition and won the 2013 Cabin Fever Comedy Festival Competition. He starred in the 2012 web series "Our Friendship is Dead" and hosts "The Tolstoi Made Shoes Podcast". In Des Moines, Patrick produces a monthly stand up show called "The Bomb Shelter".

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Jess Salomon - 1672

Montreal, Canada

Jess Salomon is a former UN war crimes lawyer turned stand up comic. The Montreal Metro has called her comedy "charming and intelligent". She calls it "raconteur-ish, personal, dirty on a good night". Her 93 year old grandmother calls it "time to go back to law and find a husband". A rising star on the Canadian comedy scene Jess has quickly become a regular at clubs in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. She is the co-producer of "The Girl on Girl on Girl Comedy Show" which toured the Northeast to packed houses in 2011- 2012 as well as this year's "Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays" tour in Ottawa and Toronto.

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Peter-john Byrnes - 1639

Chicago, IL

Peter-john Byrnes has been described as having "the voice of an NPR announcer and the mind of an apocalyptic street preacher." He eschews typical subject matter in favor of informing audiences about the inevitability of human decline, the end of civilization, and other light-hearted fare. He also uses words like "eschews." He averages about two H.P. Lovecraft references a show.

Peter-john Byrnes started performing stand-up professionally in 1985 at the age of seventeen and continues to this day, with the occasional decade of inactivity. He has performed at comedy clubs in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC and his native Chicago. Known for having a particularly quick wit and mean spirit, he is much in demand for roasts and other spontaneous events, and is one of the featured contributors on the WitStream website. His comedy podcast, This Week in Despair, has listeners in 23 countries. He is inexplicably popular in Finland.

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Tim Messenger - 1756


Tim Messenger delivers smart, thoughtful, comedy using absurdism and a dark lens of perception. He is able to navigate between a number of comedic styles from biting sarcasm to an eccentric blend of silliness and wordplay. Tim began performing stand-up comedy in Denver and soon was performing all over the centennial state before relocating to Boston, then to DC earning the laughs and respect from comedians and audiences alike. He recently returned to Denver taking the stage, and stuffing meaning and hilarity into his abnormal views of the world one joke at a time.

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