Sat, 8pm – Institution

Saturday, August 31st

8:00 pm at The Institution Theater

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Cast:Jeffrey Amos, Jordan T. Maxwell, Kacey Samiee

Indigo Shift - 1571


One night only'because there's only one night left! INDIGO SHIFT is an improvised dystopian cabaret, an apocalyptic mix of stories, scenes and songs to wait out and ring in the end of the world! Heavily influenced by the Doubtful Guests, Dresden Dolls and Decemberists, Indigo Shift follows a troupe of performers (Solomon Strange, Anita Deva, and Colin) as they perform one final show for the last night on Earth. Discussing apocalyptic themes with the audience through the lens of these characters, Indigo Shift draws threads to weave into scenes, stories and songs. So'pull up a chair. Won't be long now.

Inspired by a mutual love of musical improv and theatrical storytelling, Indigo Shift consists of friends and longtime collaborators Jordan T. Maxwell, Kacey Samiee, and Jeffrey Amos. Drawing on a wide range of pop, literary and dramatic traditions, Indigo Shift flows between different levels of staged themselves, as their apocalyptic personae, as the characters they play in scenes...punctuated by both narrative and thematic musical numbers to create an utterly unique improv experience!

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Cast:Chrissy Swinko

#UGH (all of my disappointments located conveniently in one show) - 1578

(Sketch) Los Angele, CA

Chrissy Swinko is a performer and writer based in Los Angeles, where she performs at iO West with the Harold team Teen Police. She blogs at and creates video comedy with BBQ Committee. She also spent 6 years in the Chicago scene performing at the iO Theater, ComedySportz, and The Playground Theater.

#UGH follows a girl who believed her parents when they said she could achieve anything - and is then woefully unprepared for the disappointments of real life. A solo show that asks: if you keep stepping up to bat, will you eventually get all the cupcakes you can eat?
Directed by: Carla Cackowski

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Cast:John Ratliff, Tom Booker, Dave Buckman, Asaf Ronen

You're Not My Real Dad - 1729


You're Not My Real Dad is made up of four of the most experienced improvisers in Austin, which is a nice way of saying they're really old. Asaf Ronen and Tom Booker (co-founders, the Institution) join Dave Buckman and John Ratliff (faculty members, ColdTowne) for a master class in senior moments. A typical set is made up of three or four longer scenes ... though there was the time we did an entire show of nothing but tag-outs. And another show that was just one long monoscene. You'll be lucky if we can find our way to the stage.

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