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Saturday, August 31st

6:00 pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Cast:Alex Dobrenko, Courtney Hopkin

Do You Still Want To Do This? - 1658


Courtney Hopkin and Alex Dobrenko perform a series of two-person scenes featuring highly neurotic characters. Before each show, they ask each other if they still want to do this. If they say 'yes', then they play! If they decide they don't want to do this...well, that hasn't happened. Yet.

Courtney Hopkin and Alex Dobrenko met at the Hideout Theater doing mainstage shows. They bonded because of their mutual insecurities and inability to believe anyone would actually want to work with them. They thought about getting a third person but decided that he/she would just get annoyed and quit. Sigh.

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Cast:Alicia Sherrod, Clifton Hall, Noa Gavin, Terry Catlett

Atlantic Pacific Billy - 1676

Dallas, TX

Atlantic Pacific Billy performs MovieProv. Based on an audience member's suggestion of one of their favorite movies and a brief description of that movie, Atlantic Pacific Billy stages their own interpretation of that movie on the spot. Atlantic Pacific Billy is a sketch/improv group that has been performing together since 2012. In addition to weekly improv shows at Dallas Comedy House, APB has performed two critically acclaimed sketch shows to sold out audiences and hosted a hour-long Oscar special.

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Cast:Bryan Roberts, Meredith Mae Roberts

BOSS - 1735


BOSS is a duo specializing in the deconstruction an argument that takes place at the beginning of the show based on an audience suggestion. For example, if someone says "bananas," Meredith will probably yell at Bryan about how much she hates Gwen Stafani, even though Gwen Stefani is not that bad in small doses. After the argument? Wonderful scenes that make use of the yelling! (Gwen Stefani not included)

In real life, Bryan and Meredith are married. Because of this, they argue constantly. Fortunately they are able to channel that negative energy into a creative comedy gauntlet that the audience will enjoy traversing, even though they will get smacked. SMACKED with love!

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Cast:AmyJo Foreman, Ben Gammack, Brendon Lara, Christine Arnold, Christine Wines, Max Holkan, Paige Wharton, Robert Price, Vic Shuttee

Phortasics - 1777

Houston, TX

The "Dollhouse" is Phortasics very own creation. "Dollhouse" allows Phortasics' nine-person troupe to explore one location and a variety of characters. The show begins with a suggestion of a non geographical location, such as an office building or a park. With that, Phortasics begin a journey through the lives of a community of characters. It's high energy, it's upbeat, it's Phortasics!

Founded in November 2011, Phortasics is one of University of Houston's premier improv troupes. The nine-person troupe has experienced training from ComedySportz Houston, The Second City in Chicago, and iO Chicago. In addition, four troupe members have performed at ComedySportz Houston, for a combined 4 years. Even though their time together as a troupe hasn't exceeded two years, their style showcases and closeness reveals an improv family in love with performance.

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Cast:Chrissy Shackelford, Nathan Sowell, Jake Milward, Ben Bazan, Joseph Dailey

Men in Chriss'ys Life - 1866

Austin, TX

A boss. An ex-boyfriend. A college friend. An acquaintance. And a Girl. The Men In Chrissy's Life explore the most complicated interactions of all- relationships. From grounded to absurd, from sincerity to shenanigans, Men in Chrissy's Life create one world and show you everything that could happen to the people in it.

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Cast:David Hess, Josh Krilov, Kyle Sweeney

The Team - 1537


Balancing grounded scene work with wildly physical play, THE TEAM's sharp-witted cast is always eager to support whatever strange, darkly funny, or dangerous idea is on the table. There's little hesitation, so THE TEAM often finds themselves in scenes playing fantastical or creepy characters, often stuck in physically uncomfortable positions. But these guys boost every move with an infectious energy that lights up audiences from their unique opening sequences to their exhilarating finales.

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Cast:Angela Couch, Grasie Mercedes, Stacy Rumaker, Nathan Caywood, Damien Fahey, Michael Garcia, Lou Gonzalez, and Derek D.

Triggerfinger - 1736

Los Angeles, CA

Triggerfinger performs longform improvisation, creating scenes inspired from their previous themes or characters. They strive to create grounded scenes and characters, where the humor comes from connection. Triggerfinger has performed at the Annual LA Improv Comedy Festival and Moontower Comedy Festival.

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Cast:Amber Gerencher, Annie Donely, Blair Beeken, Christina Boucher, Devin Bockrath, Irene Marquette, Jo Scott, Katie Klein, Mary Cait Walthall, Sarah Ashley

Super Human - 1489

Chicago, IL

Super Human has had successful prime time runs at the Annoyance Theater, and currently the world famous iO Theater in Chicago. This past November they hosted a night of comedy to benefit Chicago Women's Health Center, and also occasionally appear as part of the acclaimed cabaret variety show, Making Out With Wes Perry and Friends. Super Human delivers a unique and energetic voice to the improv scene. It's a party, it's a movement, and it's a 'splash zone of women'. With their online presence and hilarious shows, Super Human has a growing cult following. No apologies. No regrets.

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Cast: Adam Hoelscher, Juliette Everhart, Zak Roland, Brandice Torre, Christian Robinson, Jason Van Cleve

After School Special - 1637

Kansas City

"After School Special" performs a stream of conscience style format known as the "Book Report." All six cast members walk out on stage, and we get the inspiration of an audience member's favorite book. One of the cast members steps forward and begins to lay out an in depth book report; including themes, social impact, author's intent, and character studies. (9/10 times one of us know the book well enough, if not we just fake it with extreme confidence.) As soon as the book report finishes we start playing scenes based off of the themes drawn up in the opening.

After School Special is a two-time winner of The KICK Theater's monthly improv cagematch style show "Underground Throwdown." After School Special brings together some of Kansas City's most experienced players; improvisers that have trained at the Second City in Chicago and have been trained by teachers like Jill Bernard, Rick Andrews, Craig Cackowski and many others. They have also performed in improv festivals in Denver, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and New York. They are also very good friends.

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Cast:Nat Miller, Pierce Purselley

Miller and Purselley - 1581


Nat Miller and Pierce Purselley make up a two person troupe that improvises a one-act play. They seek the story that's already happening on stage and with the audience, follow it. Their show is character driven with great focus on detail and character development. They explore the narratives of everyday life, concentrating on the intricacies and nuance of grounded characters and the truth of those lives in the moment. Miller and Purselley were named ColdTowne Theater's best troupe of 2012 and have been their Wednesday night headliner for over a year. They have headlined the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and are excited to be your friend.

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Press Play - 1683

Washington, DC

Lively and bold with a touch of sass and paprika, Press Play performs high-energy, relationship-driven improv comedy that isn't afraid to delve into life's absurdities. Like a splash of cold lemonade to the face on a hot summer day, Press Play will take your audience suggestion, turn it on its head and leave you feeling invigorated like you just finished a cathartic session with your favorite rolfer.

Press Play has been performing long form improv in major improv venues in the Washington, D.C. area for the last three years, including Washington Improv Theater, the Shakespeare Theater, and the DC Improv, among others. Press Play has also performed at Improv Boston as a part of the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, at People's Improv Theater in NYC as a part of the NYC Improv Festival, and Chicago Improv Festival apprentice showcase.

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Cast:Brent Foshee, Scott Moss

Jorak and Jorak Do Movie - 1738


Jorak and Jorak are two Eastern European brothers who have a movie theater. The only problem seems to be that never actually have an actual movie to show the audience. Their solution? They simply attempt to do the movie themselves and, of course, hilarity ensues. Aside from taking your money and not showing you a film, they may also attempt to sell you food and whatever they happen to have in the truck they "found" behind the theater. This duo is made up of Scott Moss and Brent Foshee, both graduates of the ColdTowne Conservatory have performed in numerous troupes in Austin, and are both writers and performers for The Austin Comedy Hour sketch show.

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