Tuesday, August 26th

10:00 PM at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Andy Crouch, Ruby Willmann, Curtis Luciani (MC), Troy Miller, Kaci Beeler, Valerie Ward, John Ratliff, Michael Ferstenfeld

The Roast of Andy Crouch

Improv – Austin, TX

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Every year at Out of Bounds, we get together a panel of people to lovingly make fun of someone. Yes, that's right. We put on a good old fashioned roast.

The sub-heading of this year's roast is "Too Easy." Or maybe "Shooting Fish in a Barrel." Or "Kicking Him While He's Down."

Why? Because this year we're roasting Andy Crouch, the last of the red-hot slackers, and the Education Director at The Hideout Theatre.

Andy is a walking contradiction. In many ways, he's responsible for the wild success of the Austin Improv scene. He created the Austin Improv Collective, which led to an unprecedented period of growth in Austin Improv. But on the other hand, he formed the group because he DIDN'T FEEL LIKE DOING HIS JOB (running the Hideout), and wanted to foist it off on other people.

He does so much, and he does it all with the bare minimum of effort.

Every person we've told about this show has said "Oooh, I want to roast him! I just thought of 20 things to say."

Come see (potentially) hundreds of improvisers and friends massacre what little shred of dignity Andy has left.


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