Parisian Gentlemen: Charm, Stage Presence and Audience Seduction

Sunday, August 31st

2:30 PM at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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The skill of charming, interacting and sometime manipulating an audience (or as the saying goes, having them “in the palm of your hand”) is a powerful one, particularly in the performing arts. In improvisation, audience interaction is often limited to gathering suggestion or getting a volunteer on stage and is often seen as “not real scenes”. But these moments are as much part of the show as everything else, and can often become the most memorable part of the show. Interacting with the audience is an art. As foreign performers, with a less than perfect use of the English language, we (The Parisian Gentlemen) have found ourselved more than once relying on the simple trick of seducing the audience. You could even say that this is at the core of what we do. Based on years of experimentation, this workshop aims at giving you tools and changing how you see the audience, from a risk and a potential judge to a giant happy beast to be seduced and tamed.

THE PARISIAN GENTLEMEN OF PARIS (Ian, Ouardane, Tim) is a team of veteran parisian improvisers created for the purpose of showcasing french improv internationally. With more than 40 years of combined experience on stage, they are renowned for their “generous and patient” style of improvisational theatre, their charm and their stage presence. Grounded in a heritage of classic and contemporary french theatre, Québec-style improv (“Le Match d’Impro”) and influences from Keith Johnstone and american longform, the trio has hundreds of hours of teaching experience in France and abroad. As teachers, they aim to create challenging and safe workshop environments for students to learn, experiment and grow.

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