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Tom Booker, Asaf Ronen, John Ratliff, David Buckman

You’re Not My Real Dad

Austin, TX – Improv

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Upbeat, fresh-faced, and brimming with youthful enthusiasm – these are phrases you will never, ever hear applied to Austin’s You’re Not My Real Dad. Embittered by experience, railroaded by relationships, down by law, YNMRD are never going to see thirty again, and they’re pissed about it. So they perform improv the same way they walk into the kitchen in the morning: balls out. They get their inspiration from old LPs and their dinner from the gas station. This is improv with authority from the last people you’d want to have any.

You’re Not My Real Dad has been performing together for the last six years. They are four of the oldest men in the Austin Improv Community and have been doing improv for combined total of approximately 75 years. And have the bank accounts to prove it!