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Chuy Zarate, Kevin Miller, Summer Brow, Ted Rutherford, Tyler Bryce, Ruby Millerman, Jason Oliver, Topping Haggerty, David Lampe, Brad Hawkins, Brently Heilbron, Mike Kinald, Jessica Arjet, Jason Vines, Weldon Phillips, Jessica Schwartz, Amy Blackard Castner, Cole Spainhour

Your Dad’s Friends

Austin, TX – Improv

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Your Dad’s Friends is featuring a brand new show called, “Real Police”. The premise is based on the HBO show “True Detective” in which a crime story is told through interviews and flashbacks. YDF will get to the bottom of all cold cases!

YDF is a group of seasoned Austin Imps that have been playing together for a decade or longer. They focus on audience-oriented improv, always striving to keep the audience involved in the show. A YDF show is usually fast-paced and at times absurd, but always satisfying.