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Amy Averett, Caitlin Sweetlamb, Cynthia Oelkers, Aden Kirschner, Kimberly Cox, Sarah Marie Curry, Shana Merlin, Megan Flynn

Girls Girls Girls

Austin, TX – Improv

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Girls Girls Girls is Austin, Texas’ longest running all-female musical theater improvisation troupe. Our specialty is creating full-length improvised Broadway musicals from a single audience suggestion. In other words the Girls and their live musicians make up the songs, dances, characters and stories to create one complete, blow-your-socks-off musical…and we do it completely on the fly.

In this show, we will explore the plight of women in prison the only way Girls Girls Girls can–through song and dance! Follow one new inmate as she learns to navigate the penitentiary system: which gang to join, which job to get, and how to get a hold of some decent hair products. A loving musical ode to Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musicals has been an artistic collective since September 2002. They have performed in festivals in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, Honolulu, Atlanta, Dallas and, of course, our home of Austin, Texas. GGG is the 2012 recipient of the B. Iden Payne “Excellence in Improvisational Theater”