Troupe Photo
Brian Posen, Katie Johnston-Smith, Reeny Hofrichter, Andi Sharavsky, Andi Woody, Andrew Graves, Becca Brown, Chris Gorton, Kiki Marich, Ranjit Souri, Torian Miller, Matthew Payne, Billy Sullivan, Brandon Price, Josh Lanzet

Cupid Has A Heart On

Chicago, IL – Sketch

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Cupid Has A Heart On combines sharp writing and catchy songs with a witty take on relationships, love and life. The result is a musical sketch show that is raunchy, sweet, cynical, touching, smart, inane and – above all – very, very funny. The show has received critical acclaim and entertained thousands of audience members.

In it’s 11th year year. Chicago’s premiere musical sketch comedy troupe has been lauded “Must See” by Time Out Chicago, “A rarity in the Chicago sketch scene.” by Windy City Times, and “… a show worth catching.” by The Chicago Tribune.