Aug. 30th - Sept 5th
Austin, TX

OoB Photo of Available Cupholders
Jeremy Sweetlamb, Kaci Beeler, Ace Manning, Michael Joplin, Bill Stern

Available Cupholders

Austin – Improv

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Available Cupholders aka Av Cuph aka The Cupholders will perform a signature original format of their own creation, drawing on the combined 489 years of performing signature original format of their own creation experience they share.

The Available Cupholders theatre ensemble is dedicated to producing experimental, enriching, and entertaining improvisational comedy. The Cupholders aspire to explore and expose an art form cloaked in natural communication, believing Improv to be the theatre of everyday existence. Unlocking the power of this art form through live performance and various performative media, they strive to be on the cusp of a daring theatrical experience that takes place anytime, anywhere. Also, jokes about butts.