OoB 2013 Staff

Jeremy Sweetlamb

Executive Producer

Jeremy Sweetlamb is a native Texan who has been producing, directing, and performing comedy for over 15 years at various venues around the US. Touring the nation with the venerable Available Cupholders, Jeremy has taught improv in nearly half the United States and performed in well over half. He has also toured as Bearded Lamb, an award-winning solo improv act. He has been given silly awards by his peers, produced and released a solo country album, directed and starred in a full-length feature sketch comedy film, starred in Backpack Picnic, an internationally touring sketch series, wrote and starred in his own tv pilot, and currently teaches theatre full-time in Austin ISD. Jeremy also founded and Executive Produces Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, which will celebrate its 12th anniversary in 2013. He prefers a serious bio in a comedy setting.

Dave Buckman


Dave Buckman was a director for Amesterdam’s Boom Chicago (1999-2002), The Second City (2002-2004) and ColdTowne Theater (2006-present).  Dave has Asst. Directed, Co-written, Performed in and Directed Live sketch and improvisational productions with Seth Meyers, Ike Barinholtz, Jordan Peele, John Lutz, Mick Napier, Maribeth Monroe, Stephnie Weir, Jason Sudeikis and dozens more whose faces you know but don’t know by name from the likes of SNL, MADtv, 30 Rock, Funny Or Die and on and on. In 2002, he culminated his run in Europe with directing ‘Boom Chicago: RockStars,’ only the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 50+ year history. Since 2005, Dave has been living in Austin, TX with wife and creative partner Rachel Madorsky, teaching and performing with their award-winning troupe, The Frank Mills. He also produces The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, Ladies are Funny Festival and Austin SketchFest.
Dave has won two B. Iden Payne Awards for Excellence in Improvisational Theater, one with The Frank Mills in 2006 and one separately in 2008. He was also chosen as the AIC’s “Best Teacher” in 2007. In 2009 and 2010 he directed the B. Iden Payne Awards Ceremony. The Frank Mills have been awarded “Best Troupe” by the AIC in 2006 and 2008 and won “Best of The Fest” from Frontera Festival in 2007. Dave has also appeared in several short and feature films and he also appears in viral video marketing campaigns nad commercials for Whole Foods, IBM, Greenling, and Bicycle Playing Cards.

Kareem Badr


Kareem Badr is the General Manager and one of the owners of The Hideout Theatre. He oversees the logistics of show and event planning, maintains and improves the physical space, and keeps track of the financial side of the business. He is a regular performer in The Hideout’s many shows, and is the creator and director of ‘The Violet Underbelly,’ a tribute to classic film noir. He is also on the core staff of Hideout teachers, and particularly enjoys teaching upper level classes. As a member of the award-winning improv group Parallelogramophonograph, he has toured and taught internationally, originated numerous original show formats, and pioneered the teaching of instinctual narrative storytelling.

Roy Janik


Roy Janik is the Artistic Director (and a co-owner) of The Hideout Theatre. As such, he plans and schedules all of the Hideout’s shows, troupes, showcases, and special events. He has performed in many of The Hideout’s mainstage productions, and is the creator and director of the critically-acclaimed show ‘Austin Secrets.’ As one of the Hideout’s core teachers, Roy teaches improv levels one through six. His favorite class to teach is level four, a personal feedback class he helped create the curriculum for. As a member of the improv troupe Parallelogramophonograph, he has traveled to perform and teach in over 30 cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York, and London. He spearheaded the creation of the Improvised Play Festival, the world’s first festival devoted exclusively to theatrical, narrative improv.

Jon Bolden


Jon Bolden is a freelance photographer and web designer living in Austin, TX. This is his first year as co-producer and he’s ready for a nap.

After moving from Ohio in 2006, he has become completely enamored with improv ultimately resulting in teaching, coaching, and performing weekly. Jon co-directed ‘Manhattan Stories: Improv in the Style of Woody Allen,’ last year which received numerous reviews from people who review things on the internet. He is a member of The Hideout Theatre faculty and can be seen performing with of Squirrel Buddies and The Randy Meisner. He designs the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival website each year and photographs many of the shows. You should high five him when you see him.


Ruby Willmann

Hospitality Coordinator

Ruby Willmann is an Austin improviser and teacher. Having just returned from her one-year stint backpacking in South America, she is thankful to be able to improvise in her native tongue again. She belongs to the troupe The Escorts and to The University of Texas’ student body. One day she’ll graduate. One day.

Cindy Page

Cindy Page

Technical Director

Cindy Page joined the Austin improv scene in 2010 after transplanting from her native Houston. She has been in the tech booth for over a dozen shows, including the Institution Theater’s “Thinning the Herd” and Gnap! Theater Projects’ “Pocketful of Posies”. She was technical director for the third season of “Austin Secrets” and “Strange Worlds” at the Hideout Theatre, and is one half of the improv duo, Tech Nightmare.


Asaf Ronen

Education Director

Asaf Ronen resides in Austin where he is the Education Director of The Institution Theater. He was also producer on ‘Trust Us, This is All Made Up,’ a documentary on legendary improvisers TJ & Dave that premiered at Austin¹s South by Southwest Festival in 2009. He is creator and Editor-in-Chief of YESand.com, a website devoted to improvisation, and the author of ‘Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Out of the Way.’ He has taught improvisation in Canada, Great Britain, Norway and in twenty-three of The United States and toured even more with such groups as Confidence Men (improvised plays in the style of David Mamet), and imp (mostly silent improv). In 2000, Asaf worked with Cirque du Soleil as a scout for improvisational talent.

Christopher Sebilia

Assoc. Standup Producer

Chris Sebilia is a stand up comedian and improviser who has been producing, directing, writing, acting, filming and performing in Austin for years. He can be found regularly telling jokes on stage at The Velveeta Room, Cap City Comedy Club, Buffalo Billiards, The Parish, and plenty more or improvising up a storm with his troupe Safety Word, which presents OKCupid based character stories. When off stage he enjoys writing, filming, and acting in sketch comedy shorts, recently participating in the 48 Hour Film Festival, as well as writing for examiner.com . Basically, he does a lot of comedy related things, and gives great hugs. Say hi and see for yourself!


Kaci Beeler

Set Designer

Kaci Beeler is a visual artist, improviser, and stage and film actor based out of Austin. As a visual artist her true passion lies in painting, and within that she is driven to create realistic, representational works in oil on canvas. Kaci is also a prolific scenic painter, muralist, and graphic designer. She has been intensively studying and performing improvisational theatre for over ten years and is a company member with the award-winning ensembles Parallelogramophonograph, Available Cupholders, and the duo troupe The Amazon & The Milksop. Kaci has toured to over 35 cities nationally and internationally to perform and teach improvised theatre. Kaci is a regular performer, show director, and the Director of Design at The Hideout Theatre in Downtown Austin.


Emma Holder

Talent Coordinator

Originally from Maine, Emma Holder studied theater at New College of Florida and The University of London before finding her way to Austin in 2007. She began her improv training at ColdTowne Theater soon after. She has performed at The Del Close Improv Marathon, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Ladies Are Funny Festival and, of course, Out Of Bounds. She is excited to be performing in this year’s festival with her troupes Big Beautiful Warlock and What’s the Story Steve and in the successful hideout theater mainstage show, Manhattan Stories.


Alex Dobrenko

Volunteer Coordinator

A somewhat-recent transplant from Boston to Austin, Alex Dobrenko is an active member of the Austin improv scene, playing with his The Escorts and Do You Still Want to Do This, as well as performing in several mainstage shows at the Hideout and Salvage Vanguard Theater including Austin Secrets, Manhattan Stories, and Process. He has starred in feature films including The Lumberjack Man, Arlo and Julie, Bloody Homecoming as well as the 2012 Slamdance selection Hearts of Napalm. Alex is a 2010 graduate from the Screenwriting Literary Arts program at Brown University, where he co-created, co-wrote, and starred in the series Campus Liquors.


Cassidy Santaguida

Volunteer Coordinator

Cassidy Santaguida is an Austin improviser, story-teller, and burgeoning stand up comedienne who also works in IT Management at the University of Texas. She’s been an Austinite since 1997 and joined the Austin Improv scene in 2010. Cassidy has studied improv at The Hideout Theatre and stand up at The Institution Theater. She is a TA at The Hideout and performs regularly with her troupe Furiously Missing.


Craig Kotfas

Print Design

Craig has had one of the best OOB jobs of them all, the graphic design. Since 2005, he has been grateful to have the task of bringing the logos, posters, shirts, stickers, post cards to life. Come festival, his work is done, and he can sit back and enjoy the people and shows.. He does graphic design for a living at a local ad agency MOSAK in west Austin. He expends his remaining creative juices on stage with one of Austin’s favorite troupes THE KNUCKLEBALL NOW. CK is also singer/songwriter about to release his 2nd studio album “Autopilot Disengaged”… speaking of engaged, he gets married on the first day of Fall 2013… “Seeing people wear the various OOB shirts year round is such a mental HIGH 5 to my day, every time.”

Jason Vines

Party Animal

Jason Vines is an improviser, actor, singer and special effects artist based in Austin, Texas. He began his improv journey in late 2005 by taking classes at the Hideout Theatre. He later went on to found troupes such as Improv for Evil and Simply D-VINE. He has also been a proud member of the cast of shows such as The Suitcase, Ka-Baam!, Spirited, The Andersons, ROCK: The Improvised Rock Opera, Showdown, Holy 1960′s Batman, Lola, the 42 Hour Improv Marathon and many more. In years past, Jason has run lighting and sound for hundreds of shows during OoB. This year he is the official “Party Animal” and will be organizing and coordinating all of the after parties. He loves bacon and hugs. Give him one or both next time you see him.

Dave Alley

Director of Photography

Dave Alley is an improviser and amateur photographer from Austin, TX. He can be found taking photos of troupes and shows all over Austin, when he’s not filling his brain with everything else improv related. Dave began as a student of The Hideout Theater in the summer of 2011 and has also trained at The Institution Theater and Merlin Works. He has frequented the stage at The Hideout and The Institution Theater. When not performing, taking pictures or just sitting back enjoying improv, you will find him raising his two-year old with wife, Starly.

Jessie Pascarelli

Jessie Pascarelli

Online/Social Media Director

Jessie Pascarelli is an improviser, dog trainer and social media guru living in Austin, TX. She began improvising with Subject to Change at the University of Richmond and continued her education at the Hideout and Institution theaters in Austin. She was a cast member and assistant director for ‘The Next Chapter,’ assistant producer of the 44-Hour Improv Marathon and performs with her troupe No Frills.