Jeremy Sweetlamb

Executive Producer
Jeremy Sweetlamb is a native Texan who has been producing, directing, and performing comedy for over 15 years at various venues around the US. Touring the nation with the venerable Available Cupholders, Jeremy has taught improv in nearly half the United States and performed in well over half. He has also toured as Bearded Lamb, an award-winning solo improv act. He has been given silly awards by his peers, produced and released a solo country album, directed and starred in a full-length feature sketch comedy film, starred in Backpack Picnic, an internationally touring sketch series, wrote and starred in his own tv pilot, and currently teaches theatre full-time in Austin ISD. Jeremy also founded and Executive Produces Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, which will celebrate its 11th anniversary in 2012. He prefers a serious bio in a comedy setting.

Dave Buckman

Dave Buckman was a director for Amesterdam’s Boom Chicago (1999-2002), The Second City (2002-2004) and ColdTowne Theater (2006-present). While there, Dave has Asst. Directed, Co-written, Performed in and Directed Live sketch and improvisational productions with Seth Meyers, Ike Barinholtz, Jordan Peele, John Lutz, Mick Napier, Maribeth Monroe, Stephnie Weir, Jason Sudeikis, and dozens more whose faces you know but don’t know by name from the likes of SNL, MADtv, 30 Rock, Funny Or Die and on and on. In 2002, he culminated his run in Europe with directing ‘Boom Chicago: RockStars,’ only the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 50+ year history. Since 2005, Dave has been living in Austin, TX with wife and creative partner Rachel Madorsky, teaching and performing with their award-winning troupe, The Frank Mills. He also produces The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, Ladies are Funny Festival and Austin SketchFest. Dave has won two B. Iden Payne Awards for Excellence in Improvisational Theater, one with The Frank Mills in 2006 and one separately in 2008. He was also chosen as the AIC’s “Best Teacher” in 2007. In 2009 and 2010 he directed the B. Iden Payne Awards Ceremony. The Frank Mills have been awarded “Best Troupe” by the AIC in 2006 and 2008 and won “Best of The Fest” from Frontera Festival in 2007. Dave has also appeared in several short and feature films. One short, ‘Make-A-Wish’ and one feature ‘Ultimate Guide to Flight’ were both accepted into the Austin Film Festival in 2011. He also appears in viral video marketing campaigns for Whole Foods, Students First, and Bicycle Playing Cards.

Kareem Badr

Kareem Badr is the General Manager and one of the owners of The Hideout Theatre. He oversees the logistics of show and event planning, maintains and improves the physical space, and keeps track of the financial side of the business. He is a regular performer in The Hideout’s many shows, and is the creator and director of ‘The Violet Underbelly,’ a tribute to classic film noir. He is also on the core staff of Hideout teachers, and particularly enjoys teaching upper level classes. As a member of the award-winning improv group Parallelogramophonograph, he has toured and taught internationally, originated numerous original show formats, and pioneered the teaching of instinctual narrative storytelling.

Kerri Lendo

Kerri Lendo got her start writing for her college humor magazine Phroth at Penn State. Since moving to Austin eight years ago, Kerri has performed on stages all around town and traveled with such comics as Maria Bamford. She has been a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest and has also won the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin competition. Kerri was the co-host of the web show ‘Inside Joke.’ She’s helped produce both past Out of Bounds Festivals and the Ladies are Funny Festival.

Roy Janik

Roy Janik is the Artistic Director (and a co-owner) of The Hideout Theatre. As such, he plans and schedules all of the Hideout’s shows, troupes, showcases, and special events. He has performed in many of The Hideout’s mainstage productions, and is the creator and director of the critically-acclaimed show ‘Austin Secrets.’ As one of the Hideout’s core teachers, Roy teaches improv levels one through six. His favorite class to teach is level four, a personal feedback class he helped create the curriculum for. As a member of the improv troupe Parallelogramophonograph, he has traveled to perform and teach in over 30 cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York, and London. He spearheaded the creation of the Improvised Play Festival, the world’s first festival devoted exclusively to theatrical, narrative improv.


(In alpha order)

Ace Manning

Technical Director
Ace has been performing improv for over 13 years. He has studied the craft in Jeremy Lamb’s living room, at iO and Annoyance in Chicago, and under many other fine teachers of improvisation and acting. He currently lives in Austin, Texas and regularly performs with The Knuckleball Now in addition to his work with the Available Cupholders. Ace is also an award-winning bartender and creator of craft cocktails, but he’ll never tell you that himself.

Alex Dobrenko

Volunteer Coordinator
A recent transplant from Boston to Austin, ALEX DOBRENKO is an active member of the Austin improv scene, playing with his NYC Festival bound troupe The Escorts, as well as performing in several mainstage shows at the Hideout and Salvage Vanguard Theater, including the Woody Allen inspired improvised show: Manhattan Stories/ He was a lead actor in the recently completed horror feature Bloody Homecoming, and has also acted for several award-winning directors on short films such as Sex, Crime, and Punishment, Hearts of Napalm, Points of Interest, Nursing Holmes, The One-Offs, and The Trouble with Proposing. Alex is a 2010 graduate from the Screenwriting Literary Arts program at Brown University, where he co-created, co-wrote, and starred in the series Campus Liquors.

Asaf Ronen

Education Director
Asaf Ronen resides in Austin where he is the Education Director of The Institution Theater. He was also producer on ‘Trust Us, This is All Made Up,’ a documentary on legendary improvisers TJ & Dave that premiered at Austin¹s South by Southwest Festival in 2009. He is creator and Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to improvisation, and the author of ‘Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Out of the Way.’ He has taught improvisation in Canada, Great Britain, Norway and in twenty-three of The United States and toured even more with such groups as Confidence Men (improvised plays in the style of David Mamet), and imp (mostly silent improv). In 2000, Asaf worked with Cirque du Soleil as a scout for improvisational talent.

Britney Salyer

Stage Manager
Britney Salyer has been a proud member of the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival team since 2009 when she became involved in comedy and theatre in Austin. She writes, performs, and takes classes all over town, although she has taken a step back over the last year to focus on some of her other loves. Critics have praised her inexplicable work ethic and penchant for hugs. Ever a supporter of her talented friends and the creative spirit in Austin, she is excited to help make OOB 11 the best yet.

Emma Holder

Talent Director
Originally from Maine, Emma Holder studied theater at New College of Florida and The University of London before finding her way to Austin in 2007. She began her improv training at ColdTowne Theater soon after. She has performed at The Del Close Improv Marathon, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Ladies Are Funny Festival and, of course, Out Of Bounds. She is excited to be performing in this year’s festival with her troupes Big Beautiful Warlock and What’s the Story Steve and in the successful hideout theater mainstage show, Manhattan Stories.

Jon Bolden

Web Design
Jon Bolden is a freelance photographer and web designer living in Austin, TX. After moving from Ohio in 2006, he has become completely enamored with improv ultimately resulting in teaching weekly & performing regularly. Most recently, Jon co-directed ‘Manhattan Stories: Improv in the Style of Woody Allen,’ which has received numerous reviews from people who review things on the internet (few and far between, right?). He is a member of The Hideout Theatre faculty and can be seen performing with of Squirrel Buddies, The Dukes of Bedside Manor, and The Randy Meisner. He designs the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival website each year since 2009 and photographs many of the shows. You should high five him when you see him.

Joshua Gill

Out of Print Editrix
Joshua Gill, originally from Louisiana, moved to Austin, TX in 2008 and almost immediately started taking improv classes. He began performing with the Coldtowne Theater student troupe, Oh, Science!, in 2009, and continues to perform with them today. He is also a member of the troupe Galactic with his wife, Lisa Jackson, as well as The Honeypot. These troupes perform all over Austin, and also travel to festivals all over the United States. Currently he works in software sales and is writing his first novel. Josh is very happy to be co-editing the Out of Bounds annual limited run literary publication, ‘Out of Print,’ with his wife and fellow novelist, Lisa Jackson.

Kaci Beeler

Set Designer
Kaci Beeler is an artist and actor based out of Austin, Texas. As a visual artist her true passion lies in painting, and within that she is driven to create realistic, representational works in oil on canvas. Kaci is also a prolific scenic painter, muralist, and graphic designer. She has been intensively studying and performing improvisational theatre for over nine years and is a company member with the award-winning ensembles Parallelogramophonograph, Available Cupholders, and the duo troupe The Amazon & The Milksop. Kaci has toured to over 30 cities nationally and internationally to perform and teach improvised theatre. Kaci is a regular performer, show director, and the Director of Design at The Hideout Theatre in Downtown Austin. She can also be seen in numerous regional and national commercials, films, sketch comedy videos, and Southwest Airlines vlogs.
  • Midnight Society
  • Magician vs. Clown
  • Scout
  • Arcie Cola
  • Jericho Thorp

    Golf Czar
    Jericho Thorp is a 6th generation Texan who has performed comedy for most of his adult life. He is also a native improviser and has traveled all over the US performing in Coldtowne house troupe Midnight Society. He is the clown half of Magician vs. Clown, has produced and directed the best cable access TV show in Austin for 5 years, and starred in a liquor store commercial. Jericho teaches and coaches comedy in Austin. He is also a member of the experimental improv powerhouse, Scout. Jericho has been the Golf Czar at OOB for…so long that he can’t remember. He is an avid performance artist and has started practicing boylesque. Jericho is an expert on Austin, West Texas, and Friendship. Feel free to hit him up for advice. Or call in every Thursday night at 10 PM CST to have your Tarot read by Arcie Cola.

    Michael Jastroch

    Michael Jastroch writes and performs with ColdTowne, winning several awards for his improv including “Best Comedy Group 2008” in the Austin Chronicle Reader’s poll and the B. Iden Payne award for “Outstanding Improv Ensemble.” His sketch project, Lovey and Lovey, won Best of Fest at the 2005 Lone Star Sketch Festival and the 2008 Frontera Fringe Festival as well as a Critic’s Pick in the 2008 Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll. Michael is the Executive Director of the ColdTowne Theater and teaches and directs sketch and improv at the ColdTowne Conservatory. Michael was nominated for best teacher at the Austin Improv Collective Awards and the group he directs, Midnight Society, was nominated for a B. Iden Payne Theater Award. Michael has directed a number of comedy improv shows, including the Victrola, Rapture the Flag and Cereal For Adults and can be seen performing with Stool Pigeon and Elevator Action. Michael has taught his improv workshops all over the country, including at the Oberlin College Improv Festival, the Gila Monster Improv Fest in Tuscon, Arizona and at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill.

    Nadine Latief

    Photography Maven
    Nadine Latief is a wedding photographer in Austin, Tx. She loves taking photos of people and their strange antics. Nadine started Improv for Evil in 2006 but has since resigned and instead takes up her play time with dancing. At some point she also graduated from Cornell and was a software engineer in a past life.

    Nathan Livni

    This is Nathan Livni’s third year as OOB’s artist in residence. You can find images of the OOB shows posted to his website and facebook page. He also draws portraits live events, parties, art shows, and for private sittings. He co-founded the Daily Draw project where he invites artists and non-artists alike to take the challange of drawing every day for a month. During the day, Nathan teaches and coordinates adult basic education programs at Austin Community College. Nathan also freelances as a graphic and web designer. He currently performs improv every Sunday at Coldtowne Theater with Oh Science! and is the magical half of the comedy show, Magician vs. Clown.

    Ruby Willmann

    Hospitality Director
    Ruby Willmann is a native Austinite who spends much of her past-time teaching improvisational comedy to Austin’s youth in The Hideout Theatre’s Youth Program. She is a triple major at The University of Texas in Economics, Spanish and the Honors-Humanities program, but more importantly, Ruby is a proud member of her local improv troupe, The Escorts, and a past member of shows such as ‘Live Nude Improv,’ ‘Process’ and ‘Start Trekkin’ – Improvised Star Trek. Ruby looks forward to bringing the lessons of improv to the rural schools of Peru, Chile and Argentina when she takes her 2013 hiatus to teach and travel within South America.