Wed Aug 29th 930pm Hideout Downstairs

Wednesday, August 29th

9:30 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Alex Dobrenko, Lindsey Reeves, Andreas Fabis, Marc Majcher, Ruby Willmann

The Escorts


The Escorts will take the audience anywhere they want to go! Inspired from a location suggested by an audience member, The Escorts perform a one-act play focused on relationships, discovery and mischief. Where will we take you next?

Marc Majcher is both a performer and teacher at The Hideout Theatre of Austin. Andreas Fabis, a member of the Gnap! company and director of "Magna Veritas," has also performed in game-changing shows such as "Live Nude Improv." Ruby Willmann is director of "The Good Life" and a youth Hideout improv teacher, and Alex Dobrekno is a recent participant in the New York Improv Festival. Lindsey Reeves is the newest member of the Escorts and played in "The Professor" and "Firefly - the musical".

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Cast:Andy Crouch, Audrey Sansom, Sean Hill, Ted Rutherford, Troy A. Miller



Junk presents their signature format, in which they combine everything they love about improv into one show - a wild tapestry of: scenes with games, scenes with audience members, and even a mini-narrative in a particular genre. Junk features a who's-who of the improv comedy scene in Austin in the last 10 years, including Hideout Theatre founder Sean Hill, Hideout Theatre education director Andy Crouch, Start Trekkin producer Troy A. Miller, GNAP! Theatre show director Audrey Sansom, and MerlinWorks teacher Ted Rutherford. Together, they have nearly 60 years of improv experience, and they're not afraid to use it.

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