Wed Aug 29th 8pm Hideout Upstairs

Wednesday, August 29th

8:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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Cast:Jon Bolden, Roy Janik

Squirrel Buddies


Inspired by a happy suggestion from the audience, the show begins with a ukulele song made up on-the-spot. It could turn into a sing-a-long! This will parlay into a series of fully improvised moments, focusing on positive relationships and making you feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Jon Bolden and Roy Janik aren't just buddies' They're Squirrel Buddies! What does that mean? The verdict is still out. But so far what it means is that they'll do anything to delight each other and the audience' anything to make each other laugh. Will the show take place in the audience? Will Roy attempt a handstand? Who knows. Joy is the order of the day.

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Cast:Bob Khosravi, Brett Tribe, Chelsea Gilman, Deano Jones, Jason FInkelman, Kimberly Cox

The Intentions

Austin, TX

A talented collection of Austin's wildest improvisers performing fast-paced, smart, and outrageously funny improv comedy. Formed at Austin's Merlin Works improv mixer in the summer of 2010, The Intentions have performed their exciting and "intentional" humor throughout the improv stages of Austin. They can be seen regularly at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, The Hideout, and Coldtowne Theater.

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Cast:Dave Buckman, Rachel Madorsky

Rachel and Dave

Austin, TX

Rachel and Dave are a long form improv and sketch group based out of Austin, Texas. The group features the married duo of Rachel Madorsky and David Buckman who weave spontaneous comedy about the foibles and complexities of relationships like a modern-day Stiller and Meara. Rachel and Dave shows are filled with real characters, love, whimsy and delightfully inappropriate situations.
Rachel and Dave teach on the faculty of ColdTowne Theater, perform regularly as members of the award-winning improv ensemble The Frank Mills and live in Austin, Texas. Together, they have appeared in the Web Series: The Bank Manager, Finding Love at Whole Foods, Finding Troo Helth at Whole Foods and Hungry Todd Rungy. They also appear in the feature films: Ultiamte's Guide to Flight and Days of Delusion and the short films: Last Day of School and Master Cleanse

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