Wed Aug 29th 8pm Hideout Downstairs

Wednesday, August 29th

8:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Cody Dearing, Danny Catlow, Jericho Thorp, John Brewster, Sam Malcolm


Austin, TX

Scout performs a balls-to-the-wall improvised set inspired by the principles of the Harold but not constrained by its original structure. Scout uses unrelenting support, playful group energy, and a commitment to establishing patterns to perform shows that all have that similar Scout flavor but with a completely unique and ever changing shape. Scout was named Best New Troupe at ColdTowne in 2011.

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Cast:Zack Phillips, Amy O'Connor, Cassidy Santaguida, Gloria Rabil Bankler, Chris Sutphin

Furiously Missing

Austin, Texas

Life is propelled by a sense of lack, and Furiously Missing is dedicated to embodying this principle on stage. Our narratives explore the stories we create when we obey our inner longings, whether wistfully or desperately. Whether it be "my dad", "true love" or even "my favorite candy bar", the suggestion will inform their show as they develop a world that helps us realize: its not just finding what we're missing that counts, but the delightful, improvised journey we take to get there.

Furiously Missing hails from Austin, TX where they met while taking classes at The Hideout Theatre. They love connecting with their audiences by telling stories inspired by the things they miss most. They have done over 25 shows together in their first year, including performances at The Improvised Play Festival, Wafflefest, and NYC Improv Festival at The People's Improv Theater.

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Cast:Adam Trabka, Brett Tribe, Byron Brown, Danny Catlow

Bad Boys

Austin, TX

Bad Boys takes the stage with one goal in mind: to break improv and then put it back together. Their shows feature an anything goes, anything can happen attitude that leads to highly absurd and highly physical comedy. While no two Bad Boys shows look the same, what they can promise is this: high energy, smart comedy. They just don't know what that promise means until they've already kept it.
Byron Brown, Danny Catlow, Brett Tribe and Adam Trabka formed Bad Boys to participate in ColdTowne's Cagematch Tournament. After emerging victorious, they decided to continue as a comedy team and have gone on to be voted ColdTowne Theater's Most Outstanding Troupe in 2011.

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