Tues Aug 28th 8pm Hideout Upstairs

Tuesday, August 28th

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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Cast:Annette Cantu, Chris Herman, Courtney Sevener, Jack Leahy, Mac Blake, Max Lipchitz, Scott Raney

Tears But Joy


The TBJ experience provides a mosaic of performance styles spanning from wry to ridiculous and its members each bring their own unique interpretation on the curriculum taught at Coldtowne Theater's Conservatory, the comedy womb from which they all sprang. TBJ isn't sure if you will laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh, but either way...bring tissues.

Named after a signature item on a Thai menu, Tears But Joy is comprised of graduates from Austin's premier comedy institution, Coldtowne Theater Conservatory, and its cast list reads like a who's who of Austin's up and coming comedic talent. TBJ shows are always high energy, but not in a "diet pill" way...more in a "could power Ed Begley's house" way. TBJ's playful spirit is evident in every performance and just like that married couple everybody resents, you can tell they really enjoy being around one another. Tears But Joy currently performs every Thursday night at Coldtowne Theater's Thursday Night Social Club and its performers are also driving forces in other Austin comedy attractions such as Stag Comedy, The Hustle Show, and Raney Nights with Scott Raney.

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Cast:Gary Pascal, Hugo Vargas-Zesati, Jonathan Euseppi, Mike Sullivan


Austin, TX

Ctrl-Alt-Delight is the original four-man venture of Austin natives Jonathan Euseppi, Mike Sullivan, Gary Pascal, and Hugo Vargas-Zesati. Beginning with a single audience suggestion, the show is free to explore any subject matter. It is at times grounded in reality, at times absurd, and always fast-paced and fun.

Jonathan, Mike, Gary, and Hugo first began performing together in 2009 as members of Continental Breakfast. Their styles and personalities instantly drew them together and soon after, Ctrl-Alt-Delight was created. Despite now being split between Austin and Chicago, Ctrl-Alt-Delight has been able to continue performing all over Austin and at festivals such as The Hideout Theatre's WaffleFest.

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Cast:Joshua Gill, Lisa Jackson


Austin, TX

Galactic is husband and wife Joshua Gill and Lisa Jackson. Using deep character work, they explore the straight/absurd and absurd/absurd dynamics. Often the worlds of different characters they create will collide.

Both Josh and Lisa have a deep abiding love for science fiction, and the heart of Galactic started in the genre. It is not uncommon for their shows to feature alien/human relationships, time travel, deep space, and alternate universes. Each of their shows is a unique journey into their demented minds and often their loving relationship as well.

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