Tues Aug 28th 8pm Hideout Downstairs

Tuesday, August 28th

8:00 pm - 9:15 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Cortnie Jones, David Hess, Joshua Krilov, Lance Gilstrap, Liz Brammer, Michael Jastroch

Elevator Action

Austin, TX

It's the technological marvel that made modern cities possible. It's the closest physical contact most of us ever have with people we don't know (unless we're Greco-Roman wrestlers, or prostitutes). And it's the basis for Elevator Action, the improv show that doesn't go all the way to the top floor. Think of the most awkward, embarrassing, please-god-let-it-end elevator ride you've ever been on. It was, what, 45 seconds long? This one is 25 minutes. Come on, we're not holding the door forever.

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Cast:Alex Baia, Ed Melendez, Josh Gill, Kristin Henn, Nathan Livni

Oh, Science!


Oh, Science! performs an intensely playful, character driven long form show. High energy paired with a drive to create and explore new landscapes takes these shows in unexpected, entertaining directions. Fast, furious, fun. Come over. We'll make funny robots.

Oh, Science! was formed as a ColdTowne Theater Student Troupe in the summer of 2009. Beginning in the fall of 2010, they have performed a weekly show and host the open jam on Sunday evenings at ColdTowne. Devoted to creating solidly entertaining, original work, Oh, Science! shows begin with the creation of three separate spaces, then follow the paths of the characters who appear therein.

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Cast:Cindy Ward, Jay Michael, Lauren Zinn Buck, Neal Tibrewala, Nicole Beckley, Sean Hill, Steve Harwood, Troy A. Miller

Twilight Zoned


You are entering a dimension of bizarre occurrences, twist endings and ominous voice overs. Witness an intrepid cast of improv comedians guide you on a suspense and laugh-filled journey into a never-before-seen episode of the famous 1960s television series, live on stage before your very eyes! It's unlike any improv show you've ever seen. Warning... you're about to be Twilight Zoned!

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