Thu Aug 30th 730pm Hideout Downstairs

Thursday, August 30th

7:30 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Curtis Luciani, Kaci Beeler

The Amazon and The Milksop

Austin, Texas

Join one of Austin Improv's favorite duos, The Amazon and The Milksop, for 'Catchin' Frogs' - the latest in their catalog of hilarious, grotesque, and historically-fictionalized show concepts. Catchin' Frogs: Down-Home Yarns & Good Ole Times, brings the audience back to the blackberry-pickin', white-washin', creek fishin' era of Mark Twain, The Little House on The Prairie, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - with a twist.

Kaci Beeler and Curtis Luciani are two Austin improvisers and good friends who like to make the people laugh, squirm, think, cry, and experience other wonderful and/or troubling things. They frequently explore gender and relationships in their improvisation while delighting, surprising, and disgusting each other as much as they possibly can. TA&TM have been performing regularly since 2009, including two month-long residences at The Hideout Theatre in 2011 and 2012. Their 'Fitzgeralds For Hire' show won them a Best of Fest accolade at the 2011 FronteraFest Fringe Festival.

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Cast:Jordan T. Maxwell, Jeffrey Amos

710 Split

Austin, TX and Seattle, WA

710 Split mines inspiration for strong storytelling from the space between the performer's intention and the resulting character. Inspired by initial audience suggestion, one performer begins a monologue. The players will then switch identities: the first becoming an observer as the second slips into the original character to complete the monologue. From this initial piece threads of character, relationship, and theme are drawn into the twin headspace of the performers to weave a single narrative, resulting in a tale that explores established notions and discovering new routes and adventures.

Jeffrey Amos and Jordan T. Maxwell founded 710 Split to establish a unique hybrid of their idiosyncratic sensibilities. The two have a long history together, having been frequent collaborators in groups such as Austin's Well Hung Jury and The Sicks. Each has a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry in Austin, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They search not simply for the laughter that comes with comedic performance, but the startling moments of discovery that can be found in between.

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Cast:Stephanie Jones, Tyler Samples

That Summer in June


Tyler and Stephanie are in love. But you're likely to see something more dark and primal than love. You, friend, will see-- buffoonery. Buffoonery all over each other.

Tyler and Stephanie are an honest to god improv couple, performing regularly at Chicago's iO Theatre (separately), The Playground (separately [sometimes]), and also (separately) in groups as wide spread as Improvised Jane Austen and Baby Wants Candy. Trained in Minneapolis and Boston (respectively), they have studied at iO, The Annoyance and Second City's Musical Improv Conservatory.

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