Thu Aug 30th 1030pm Velveeta

Thursday, August 30th

10:30 pm at The Velveeta Room

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Kath Barbadoro

Austin, TX

Autobiographically-oriented, one-woman stand up comedy. Can be clean if necessary.

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Luke Thayer


Comedy can be awkward, so to make you feel comfortable Luke Thayer won't tell you jokes, he's just going to talk to you about Jesus.

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Ryan Douglass

Ryan Douglass is a stand-up comedian and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. His stand-up plays terribly in front of people infuriated that ATMs ask users to choose "English" or "Spanish" before continuing. His act revolves around his inadequacy with modern forms of self-promotion and autobiographical blurbs for various festivals.

Ryan Douglass is a comedian from Boston who performs regularly in bars and above restaurants in his own city and others. He has appeared at colleges and festivals including North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Boston Improv Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, and The Kalamazoo Playwriting Festival.

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Kevin O'Shea

San Francisco

Kevin O'Shea is a comedian. He spends the majority of his time in San Francisco getting on stages and talking at length about various subjescts. He talks about things that have happened to him or things that he has made up.

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Meghan Hanley

New York City

Meghan Hanley is a fun, lovable and energetic comedian from New York. She will pull you in in with her warmth and smile, especially when she talks about rape, race and terrorism. She's part Chelsea Handler, part Jon Stewart and part other successful stand-ups. Meghan's other favorite topics include her Irish family, pop culture and her aging lady parts.(Who-hoo!) She is a crowd favorite and shouldn't be missed.

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