Sat Sep 1st 7pm Coldtowne

Saturday, September 1st

7:00 pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Cast:Ryan Hill, Gloria Rabil Bankler, Jessica Arjet, Paul Normandin

In Our Prime


Four Improvised Story Tellers of a "certain age," finding the grounded and real life in our fully made up and improvised tales. From your suggestions, we will explore relationships as old as time with solid and grounded characters often unique yet everyday. Their story will unfold from the interactions discovered in the opening scenes. In Our Prime uses every nuance from the first few offers to find, the all too fleeting, path to the finish. By the end, you will want to know more about what happened "ever since that day. . ."

Paul and Gloria start taking classes at the Hideout in 2010. Paul, Gloria, and Ryan take an elective in 2011. Paul asks Gloria and Ryan to form a troupe. Jessica says she would like to play with us later. In Our Prime has a blast telling dramatic stories with three players. Jessica comes to one rehearsal. IOP performs with special guest Jessica. Five minutes after the show, IOP unanimously goes from a threesome to a foursome! Gloria Rabil Bankler is a film maker, improviser and happily married, mother of Elliot and Quin. Ryan Hill is a gifted improviser, practicing Buddhist and father of an adult son, Dean who Improvises. Jessica Arjet is a 9-year veteran of Improv, co-owner of the Hideout Theatre and mother of two - Katherine and Henry. Paul Normandin is a gifted storyteller, improviser, and happily married, father of an adult daughter, Cindy.

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Cast:Ben Gartner, Erin Sheppard, James Rone


Minneapolis, MN

Foxtrot is Erin Sheppard and Ben Gartner, a choreographer and a computer engineer who resolve their differences through improv. Ben dances around technology and Erin dances around Ben. Foxtrot tackles the mysteries of science while exploring various dance styles based on audience suggestion and random song selection.

Ben has been playing with Comedy Sportz-Twin Cities since 2005 and has been a computer engineer since 2007. Erin has been involved in theater and dance for over 25 years. Their improv is relationship driven, funny and surprising. Foxtrot performs regularly at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis.

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Cast:Brian Kinkade, James Chandler, Jeff Swearingen, Kyle Bradford

The Victims

Dallas, TX

The Victims will interview a member of the audience, and then perform scenes based on whatever came out of that persons mouth. The Victims show is not for everyone. We're nice guys, but sometimes we say bad things.

Improv comedy troupe, The Victims (from Dallas' The Alternative Comedy Theater) has been bringing highly theatrical unscripted comedic mayhem to the world since 2006. The Victims perform regularly in Dallas, TX and at comedy festivals and venues all over the country, including The Big Sexy Weekend of Improv (Dallas, TX), Out of Bounds (Austin, TX), The Out of the Loop Fringe Festival (Dallas, TX), The Black Box Improv Festival (Atlanta, Georgia), The Gainesville Improv Festival (Gainesville, FL), and The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

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