Sat Sep 1st 6pm Scottish Rite

Saturday, September 1st

6:00 pm at The Scottish Rite Theater

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Cast:Jack Manzer, Ryan Farley, Monk Duro-Landry, Thomas Scruggs, Alec Bainter

Four Stories Tall


These 5 teens, recently splintered off of The Adventurers' of the Unknown, are schooled in the ways of the Hideout with help from Jessica Arjet, Ryan Hill, and Jeremy Sweetlamb.

Fun Fact: Four Stories Tall has recently gained a fifth member. If you can guess who it is at the end of the show, you get to keep our pants. Expect plenty of bad jokes, insanity, 20 minutes of montage vaguely inspired by the audience suggestion and whatever we feel like today.

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Cast:Noah Britton, New Michael Ingemi, Jack Hanke, and Ethan Finlan

Asperger's Are Us


Asperger's Are Us will celebrate their two-year anniversary by performing the best sketches from their career. Recommended for ages 11 and up. Highly recommended for people with Asperger's (and sympathetic others) but can be appreciated by anyone.

Asperger's Are Us is the first comedy troupe consisting of men with Asperger Syndrome. Noah Britton, age 29, Ethan Finlan, age 19, Jack Hanke, age 19, and New Michael Ingemi, age 19, write and perform original sketches that capitalize on their unique sense of humor. The primary focus of Asperger's Are Us is to be funny; in addition, they hope that their fans will realize that Asperger's is not consistently a problem, but rather a gift. They have been featured on NPR's 'All Things Considered,' in USA Today, and The Metro, among others.

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