Sat Sep 1st 1159pm Hideout Downstairs

Saturday, September 1st

11:55 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:Bill Stahl, Derek Yee, jon ligon, Lisa Wang, Rish Sanghvi

The Five Deadly Improvisers

San Francisco

The Five Deadly Improvisers is a five person troupe performing a fully improvised Kung Fu epic in the span of 20 - 40 minutes. The shows are a serious evocation of the genre, not a parody. Nothing is choreographed and nothing is planned. Once we get the title from the audience, we are off and running... and kicking and punching.

In October 2011, The Five Deadly Improvisers debuted at the BATS improv Bayfront theater, in the BATS competitive run of improv shows called Cave Match. The ensemble met with praise and accolades. The Five Deadly Improvisers went on to perform four shows at Cave Match, winning three weeks in a row. Since then, they've been performing around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Cast:Asaf Ronen, Emily Breedlove, Halyn Erickson, Jason Vines, Jessica Arjet, Jordan Maxwell, Kayla Lane Freeman, Peter Rogers, Sarah Marie Curry

SPIRITED: Improvised Dreamscapes


A girl opens a Door.
And falls through.
Suddenly, the world around her is foreign and dreamlike, part Lewis Carroll,
part Hayao Miyazaki, with dashes of Maurice Sendak,
winks to The Wizard of Oz, and a touch of The Neverending Story.

And it's all improvised.

Will she return home?
Or will this world crumble around her?


SPIRITED is the creation of Asaf Ronen, creator and Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to improvisation, and is the author of Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Out of the Way. He has been involved in improv as an actor, director, and teacher since 1990, and has taught around the world. His directing credits include the recent Blue Theater production of Sam Shepard's True West, the improvised comic book adventure show Ka-Baam!!, and Death in the City, a dramatic longform improv piece, at the NY Fringe Festival. He was a producer on Trust Us, This Is All Made Up, a documentary on legendary improvisers TJ & Dave and was a writer on the soon-to-be-released Days of Delusion.

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