Sat Sep 1st 10pm Coldtowne

Saturday, September 1st

10:00 pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Cast:Frank Moran, Justin Uretz, Maggy Keegan, Muretta Moss, Sunny Peabody

Popular Science

Los Angeles

Popular Science is a leading source of longform improv. With up-to-the-minute games/scenes/monologues, insightful commentary on game and relationship, and even scientific takes on the hottest audience suggestions, we aim to be your first stop for what's new and what's next.

Popular Science: we're funny'scientfically speaking.

Since coming together more than 2 years ago Popular Science has been setting the LA improv scene on fire. (Please don't mention this to anyone else - there are still some open Police investigations.) After being named Best DCT Show at the 2010 & 2011 Del Close Awards, Popular Science decided to take the show on the road and has been fortunate to play at the 2011 Del Close Marathon, the 2011 Vancouver International Improv Festival and the 2012 Charleston Comedy Festival. Their goal - to give each other a hard time on stage in the most loving way.

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Cast:Danny Catlow, David Hess, Joshua Krilov, Kyle Sweeney

The Team

Austin, TX

Balancing grounded scene work with wildly physical play, The Team's sharp-witted cast is always eager to support whatever strange, darkly-funny, or dangerous idea is on the table. There's little hesitation, so the Team often find themselves in scenes playing fantastical or creepy characters, often stuck in physically uncomfortable positions. But these guys boost every move with an infectious energy that lights up audiences from their unique opening sequences to their exhilarating finales.

The Team is an improv quartet constructed of Danny Catlow, David Hess, Joshua Krilov, and Kyle Sweeney. The Team was recently awarded Coldtowne Theater's Best New Troupe (2011).

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