Fri Aug 31st 8pm Scottish Rite

Friday, August 31st

8:00 pm at The Scottish Rite Theater

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Cast:Asaf Ronen, Chris Allen, Jeff Britt, Michael Ferstenfeld, Tom Booker, Troy A. Miller

Confidence Men


You know what it takes to improvise a David Mamet play?
Balls. Brass Balls. It takes brass balls to improvise a David Mamet play. Listen friend, the six intrepid members of Confidence Men have brass balls in spades and they are not afraid to use them to unfold the seedy underbelly of whatever the audience suggests on the spot. Every show, a new play will be improvised in the style of such great works as 'Glengarry Glen Ross,' 'Speed-the-Plow' and 'House of Games,' with all the rat-a-tat and grift of its actual predecessors. Featuring a 45-second live musical intermission.

Confidence Men features six Austin, Texas-based improvisers who have come together full of love for noted playwright David Mamet. Taking an audience suggestion for where that night's particular story will take place, Confidence Men is then off and running to create a 2-act improvised play infused with the verbal style and story sensibility of Mamet himself: rapid-fire elliptical speech, liberal and creative use of profanity, desperate men trying to fight for one-upmanship in a dog-eat-dog junkyard of a world.

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Cast:Jill Bernard

Drum Machine

Minneapolis MN

Drum Machine is Jill Bernard's one-person unscripted muscial, which features multiple characters in scenes, monologues, and songs, all accompanied by the mad beats of the Zoom-Rhythmtrak 123, which Jill calls "nature's finest drum machine." A typical show is kicked off by Jill interviewing a member of the audience and then weaving those biographical details into a historical period suggested by the audience.

Jill Bernard has been performing with ComedySportz-Twin Cities since 1993 and is also a founding member of HUGE Theater. She has taught and performed at over 40 improv festivals in North America and is the author/illustrator of Jill Bernard's Small Cute Book of Improv, which explores her renowned method of creating spontaneous characters.

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