Fri Aug 31st 830pm Coldtowne

Friday, August 31st

8:30 pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Cast:Amy Carpenter , Ashley Nugent, Chris Baldenhofer, Delaney Jo Hernandez, Emma Holder , Frank Netscher , Kristin Henn

Big Beautiful Warlock

Austin, TX

Big Beautiful Warlock melds two classic improv formats, the La Ronde and Close Quarters, to create the unique and detailed world of the characters they become. While the entire show takes place in one location, characters come and go and we discover how they are all related to this fictional place in time and one another. Some of their favorite show locations have been: a sinking ship, a failing mall and a heli-pad.

Big Beautiful Warlock is comprised of players who have trained at IO West, Annoyance, IO, and ColdTowne theater. Separately, members have performed at the Del Close Improv Marathon, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival and of course here at Out of Bounds. Most of BBW's members come from a more traditional acting background. They love to develop realistic, and detailed characters and watch them play together.

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Cast:Scott Moss, Brent Foshee

Jorak and Jorak Do Movie

Austin, TX

Jorak and Jorak are two Eastern European brothers who have a movie theater. The only problem seems to be that never actually have an actual movie to show the audience. Their solution? They simply attempt to do the movie themselves and, of course, hilarity ensues. Aside from taking your money and not showing you a film, they may also attempt to sell you food and whatever they happen to have in the truck they "found" behind the theater.

Brent Foshee and Scott Moss are both graduates of Austin's ColdTowne Theater and have performed in multiple improv and sketch troupes.

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Cast:Becca Westerkom, Chrissy Shackelford, Drew Wesely, Milo Smith, Nathan Sowell, Nicole McCracken, and Tim Honker

Nice Astronaut


Nice Astronaut presents their show "28 Minutes Later": a single scene set in the final 20-some minutes of a zombie film, where the characters all know each other and have a history surviving together, building up to the point where everything falls apart like in the typical climax of the genre.

Founded in 2008, Nice Astronaut is the second longest lasting student troupe formed at Coldtowne theater, performing in regular late night shows including "Last Call With Nice Astronaut" and a holiday season run of a show that it conceived called "It's A Tolerable Existence".

Its members have gone on to teach improv, direct short films, and produce runs of sketch shows. They have performed in festivals around the country, including the UCB Del Close Marathon, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, New Orleans Improv Festival, North Carolina Comedy Festival, Charleston Improv Festival, and more.

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