Fri Aug 31st 730pm Hideout Downstairs

Friday, August 31st

7:30 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs

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Cast:James Rone, Tom Reed


Minneapolis, MN

Ringo is what would happen if you put your favorite bromance in a blender with the Indigo Girls and pressed the "improv" button. James Rone, Tom Reed and a guitar combine forces to create tight-harmonied acoustic songs and hilarious scenes based on an audience suggestion.

Ringo combines musical and comedic prowess to deliver an innovative brand of improv that delights audiences equally with its hilarity and musical finesse. The members of Ringo perform regularly at Minneapolis improv theaters - Comedy Sportz, Brave New Workshop and Huge Theater - and in leading roles in musical theater and the hit soul music ensemble, The Robinson Crusoe Organization. Tom Reed and James Rone have appeared in the Twin Cities Improv Festival and Out of Bounds Festival as part of Rampleseed, ComedySportz All Stars, Stevie Rays, Interplanetary Appeal, Beat Box and Lounge-asaurus Rex.

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Cast:Chadwick Smith, Jesse Overright, Patrick Knisely, Sara Farr, Topping Haggerty

Puppet Improv Project

Austin, TX

The Puppet Improv Project (PIP) arose from the mind of its creator, Sara Farr, in 2009. She built an arsenal of puppets, wrangled a crew of excellent puppeteer improviser, and put on a myriad of shows. From Musicals, to kids shows, to all-women short form shows, to experimental impromptu creations, PIP does it all, and they do it all with puppets! The Puppet Improv Project continues to explore improvisation and puppetry through both traditional and non-traditional forms of performance.

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Cast:Bill Binder, Jacque Arend, José Gonzalez, Mack Duncan, Michelle Edwards, Nina Miller, Sam Haldiman, Shane Shannon, Stacey Hanlon, Tommy Schaeffer

The Foundation

Phoenix, AZ

The Foundation performs weekly at The Torch Theatre in The Neighborhood, an Armando-inspired adventure incorporating true stories and monologues from special guests. When they sneak outside The Neighborhood, they blow up the spot with an longform improv comedy show starts big with an organic opening and rollercoasters into mayhem via strong characters, smart play, and big group fun.

The Foundation is a supersquad of some of the best, funniest, and most attractive improvisors in Arizona, who also happen to be the founders and faculty of The Torch Theatre. A dizzying blend of Phoenix natives and transplants who have studied under awesome teachers from Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, they've traveled far and wide to teach and perform longform improv comedy that's big, fun, and playful. The Foundation loves improv and loves you!

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