Fri Aug 31st 11pm Velveeta

Friday, August 31st

11:00 pm at The Velveeta Room

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Luke McClory

Austin, TX

Luke will be performing his special brand of conventional, on-the-wall stand-up comedy. He cannot for the life of him see the difference between how black guys walk and how white guys walk, so don't ask. He will generally play off how he is a misfit (especially in Austin in 2012) with self-deprecation as well as deprecation for those besides himself. Also, he will throw in the occasional, spot-on impression of Bill Pullman or Hank Hill, because it's what the people want, damnit!

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Luke Thayer


Comedy can be awkward, so to make you feel comfortable Luke Thayer won't tell you jokes, he's just going to talk to you about Jesus.

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Michele Durante

Long Island, NY

Michele shares with her audiences her experiences as a former New York City Police Detective, being one of the few females on the force, being openly gay. Her edgy humor connects with audiences of all ages and genders.

Michele Durante has been performing stand up comedy in and around New York since 2008. A recent appearance at the Boston Comedy Festival; her stories of family and friends, have entertained audiences from all over New York and the Tri-State area. Michele has opened for a number of well-known headliners and appeared in the Women In Comedy Festival.

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Keith Lowell Jensen

Sacramento, CA

Keith Lowell Jensen's meandering storytelling style of stand up comedy flows gracefully from parenting humor to social critique to his atheist material which somehow doesn't get him beat up when performed in small town America.

Keith Lowell Jensen has become a fixture on the west coast comedy scene performing regularly in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles and in all those places in between that you've never heard of. He has two self produced comedy albums under his belt and is recording a third, with Stand Up Records, this year. He has appeared at Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF SketchFest, Skepticon, and Reasonfest.

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Kevin O'Shea

San Francisco

Kevin O'Shea is a comedian. He spends the majority of his time in San Francisco getting on stages and talking at length about various subjescts. He talks about things that have happened to him or things that he has made up.

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Leah Dubie

Leah Dubie has been called "smart and opinionated" by Time Out New York and "a little fresh" by her mom. Her stand up can be described as "steady like a train"...or was that Johnny Cash? She is honest, quick whitted and according to the Bandaras News, has a "sarcastic likeability reminiscent of Chelsea Handler." In short, she is funny and will make you laugh repeatedly.

Leah Dubie used to charge at people with a stick. She played Division 1 lacrosse for Hofstra University where her talents were quickly wasted as the size of her liver rapidly grew. Following graduation she worked as a rich and powerful television producer which she subsequently left to become a poor and exhausted stand up comedian. Leah's jokes have been featured in Time Out NY and Playboy Magazine. Her musings have been heard on FREE FM, Sirius, The Joey Reynolds Show and broadcast on a broadband channel in the back of NYC cabs. She has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival, Women In Comedy Festival and was a semi finalist in the NY Comedy Competition. She has been seen on LOGO, Tru TV's "The Smoking Gun Presents," WE "Cinematherapy" and Here! TV's "Hot, Gay Comics."

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