Fri Aug 31st 11pm Hideout Upstars

Friday, August 31st

11:00 pm at The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs

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Cast:Courtney Hopkin, Curtis Luciani, Joel Osborne

Your Terrific Neighbors

(Sketch) Austin

Join Your Terrific Neighbors for a evening of humorous situations with colorful characters that escalate into amusing, unexpected climaxes. It's a little something that they like to call "sketch" "comedy", which they have invented and which they fully intend to patent.

Volleyball children, magic sex pencilists, submarine dads, jazzercise preachers, and dudes who love to 69, bro - these are but a few of Your Terrific Neighbors. One of Austin's most passionately loved (and loving) sketch troupes, Your Terrific Neighbors are out there dropping fresh sketches on the community's head on a monthly basis. They've been doing it for 4(ish) years and pride themselves on creating some of the most smartly dumb, dumbly smart, sweetly sick, sickly sweet comedy around, depending on what you mean by "around."

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Cast:Dave Lyzenga, Joe Anderson, Matt Sterenberg

The Don't We Boys!

(Sketch) Grand Rapids, MI

Imagine The Hardy Boys hosting SNL. Danger veterans Joe "Foot-in-the-Grave" Anderson, Dave "Bloody Mess" Lyzenga, and Matt "I'm Scared" Sterenberg will be performing sketch comedy the only way they know how: with a foot in the grave. Don't We Boys shows run at a breakneck pace, bookended by longer sketches and punctuated by short, 30-second sketches, filmed sketches and cartoons from their TV pilot!

Since forming in 2010, The Don't We Boys have been invited to the San Francisco Sketch Fest, Seattle Sketchfest, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Chicago's Sketchfest, Columbus' Shadowbox Sketchfest and Gilda's LaughFest. Every show is a mix of Hardy Boys-inspired sketch comedy and filmed sketches and cartoons from their TV pilot!

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Cast:Alex Scordelis, Ben Rameaka, Benjamin Apple, Dawn Luebbe, Emily Altman, Frank Hejl, Jason Saenz, Jocelyn DeBoer, Lauren Conlin Adams, Mike Scollins, Rob Michael Hugel


(Sketch) NYC

Onassis is a house sketch team originated at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. Watch a bunch of tall comedians spin straw into sketches right before your very eyes. If you like what you see, you're all welcome to come back to New York with them and sleep on their communal couch.

Originating as a house sketch team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Onassis has gone on to win acclaim as one of the best comedy groups in New York City and was recently named Best Sketch Team at the Friars Club 2011 Sketch Competition. This past October saw the sold out, world premiere of their 22-min TV pilot during the annual Friars Club Comedy Festival. Onassis was also included as part of November's annual New York Comedy Festival in their Best of NY Sketch showcase. This December they performed as part of the Upright Citizens Brigade's Best of 2011.

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