Fri Aug 31st 1130pm Institution

Friday, August 31st

11:30 pm at The Institution Theater

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Cast:Brad Hawkins, Christopher Allen

Franz and Dave


Some collaborations are meant to be, and transcend time and space, life and death. Such is the case with the filmmaking team of David Lynch (Christopher Allen) and Franz Kafka (Brad Hawkins), who have traveled all this way from California and early-20th Century Prague, respectively, to pitch you their latest movie idea! You'll be amused, intrigued, repulsed, and aroused, probably all at the same time, with the improvised antics of Franz and Dave!

Christopher Allen (CeeJ) has been doing improv over nine years. He studied under Shana Merlin when she taught at The Hideout Theatre back in 2003. He's been in a few improv troupes including Foolish Mortals and Wooden Nickel and was the leader of sketch troupe Hoover's Blanket. Currently he performs with B. Iden Payne award-winning troupe Confidence Men who have performed their David Mamet-inspired improv all over Austin and have been to a few festivals across the country. In addition, CeeJ has performed in such shows as Start Trekkin', Hitchcocked and a slew of other shows over the years.

Brad Hawkins has been performing improv for two years and has been a member of the troupes Goat, Who Dack?, ¡Zarzamora!, Three Hot Chicks, and the Walk Ons, as well as appearing in the shows Epic!, Family Tides, and Magna Veritas.

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Cast:Asaf Ronen, Tom Booker, Bob Fisher

Baxter and Bernard

Austin, Texas

The Institution Theater's Tom Booker and Asaf Ronen play "Baxter & Bernard," the world's most eligible confirmed bachelors - giddily so. Join them and their manservant, Meredith, as they travel the far corners of the audience's imagination in search of adventure'and the love of the ladies.

Asaf Ronen and Tom Booker discovered the characters of Baxter and Bernard as they were living together as roommates. They started talking in silly voices around the house. (That's not weird, is it? It's something that all divorced middle-ages men living together do, right? Am I right or am I right?!)

Anyway, they had so much fun entertaining each other that it seems like destiny when the characters of Baxter and Bernard came out during a performance of "You're Not My Real Dad" at the 2010 Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. The character of Meredith, Baxter and Bernard's Man Servant, was added later to aid the performance aspect of the group and add a bit of calm to the troupe.

Asaf Ronen, Tom Booker and Jeff Britt have about one thousand years of combined improv experience. All three of them are members of the multi-award winning "Confidence Men." One of them studied with Del Close. Another one of them was the founder of And the third one is Jeff.

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