Fri Aug 31st 1130pm Coldtowne

Friday, August 31st

11:30 pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Cast:Bill Stern, Dave Maher, George Serad, Margaret Conway, Meaghan Strickland, Nick Leveski

K.C. Redheart


K.C. Redheart's "Mole" is a mash-up of parlor games, theater, and the democratic process. The goal of this theater sports style show puts mob rule to the test. Is a group of strangers (the audience) fit to govern themselves? We'll find out as they attempt to ferret out which cast members are moles whose job it is to ruin scene challenges without getting caught.

K.C. Redheart is a Playground Theater house team from Chicago. Thrown together four years ago, this rag-tag group of strangers grew into exactly what a recent TimeOut article described them as, a "nimble ensemble." A true synergistic cast of actor/improvisers that violates natural laws and honors cliches by being greater than the sum of its parts. The only thing the Redhearts love more than improvising together is a challenge. Their annual 30 hour improv marathon satisfies both those loves. TimeOut honored K.C. Redheart by calling their Process show one 2011's best improvised shows in Chicago. With over one billion years of combined stage experience, they can ALMOST guarantee a good show every time.

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Cast:Cortnie Jones, Elizabeth Brammer, Erika May-McNichol, Kate Bojanek, Katie Sicking, Teresa York, Valerie Ward

Sarah 7

Austin, TX

Sarah 7 takes an input from the audience, and tells a series of short personal monologues inspired by the suggestion. Mining those monologues for details and meaning, the seven ladies perform character-driven improv scenes that wind together the experiences derived from the source word.

Sarah 7 has performed their monologue-inspired, character-driven improv at the Ladies are Funny Festival, the Hideout 42 Hour Improv Marathon, 2010 and 2011 Wafflefests, 2010 Frontera Fest, and the 2010 and 2011 Out of Bounds Comedy Festivals. They have hosted several themed show runs, including "Life Lessons Your Mother Never Taught You", "Sarah 7: Your Worst Nightmare", "Holidays are Terrible with Sarah 7" and "Douchebags and Pantyliners: Commercial Deconstruction".

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Cast:Hugo Vargas-Zesati, Jon Bolden, Kyle Traughber, Quinn Buckner

The Dukes of Bedside Manor

Austin, TX

The Dukes delight in improvised improv. There are no rules. There are no clues. There are no refunds...

Inspired by offbeat humor and breaking conventions, The Dukes strive to make anything happen using fun, fast, and furious improvisation. Kyle is the weird one, Quinn is too cool for school, Hugo is late for everything, Jon is high-strung, and Mikey lives in Chicago. The fivesome wants anything to happen onstage and will chase it for your enjoyment.

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