Artist Info

Here is some info for those performing in the festival

1. Performer Pass Upgrades

Every performer will receive a “Performer’s Pass” which is good for entrance to two shows and all the parties. These two comps do not guarantee entry into a show. If it is sold out before you are able to grab a ticket, you will be placed on a standby list, with the rest of the general public. You are now able to UPGRADE YOUR PASS so that it includes free entry to all shows. If you purchase this upgrade, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have purchased an upgrade on the individual show pages for which you’d like to reserve seats. Keep in mind that shows definitely will sell out and just purchasing the upgrade is not enough to guarantee your reservations. You have to go to each show’s page and make your reservation manually.

2. Registration

Performers will be able to register from 5-9pm each day of the festival by going to the Hideout classroom to pick up their badges, t-shirt, and welcome packets.

3. Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

If there are any changes you wish to make to your application in order to update your cast list, picture, bio, show description, or relevant web links to a new web site or Facebook, etc, please get them to the producers. Make sure you mention which group you are from, natch.

4. Hotel & Housing

Just dropping by to remind you about our festival hotel, which needs to be booked by August 7th at 5pm Central to get the amazing $99 rate. The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in downtown Austin, just a few blocks from OOB HQ at The Hideout, has stepped up to offer us an amazing rate of $99 a night for a King or Double Queen room. But you have to reserve by Tuesday, August 7 at 5pm Central AND there is a limited number of rooms available for OOB performers to scoop up. So, reserve your rooms now. Here’s how: Call this number and make sure they know you’re with the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival: 1-800-321-2211 OR go online! Reserve a King room online here. RESERVE Make sure “obcobca” is written in the Group code for King rooms. Reserve a Double Queen room online here: RESERVE Make sure “obcobce” is written in the Group code for Queen rooms. If you are an Austin performer, please consider offering up your couches or spare beds for housing to those of us who cannot make a hotel stay happen. Please email Emma, our Talent Director, and she will get you set up with housing or tell you more about offering up housing for traveling performers. [ emmaholder AT ]

5. Mini-Golf

Sunday morning, festival participants are invited to a free round of mini-golf. Our golf czar puts everyone in randomly assigned groups of four and the lowest score is declared the winning team at our huge closing night party, where they are awarded the Ridiculous Jacket of which they may wear for the evening’s festivities. Email Jericho Thorp to get on the golf list:

6. Tickets and Workshops

Tickets are now for sale as well as passes, performer upgrades, and workshop registrations. Check the tickets. Clicky the “workshops” page button at the top of this page for to see this year’s awesome offering of workshops.

7. Maestro and Stand-upProv

Maestro (Friday, 11:30pm @ The Scottish Rite) There is an elimination style shortform show that we do every year that is open to any performer in the festival. The only rule is we cannot allow more than one player from each group. If you’d like to be considered for this cast of around 20, contact our Maestro Guy, Roy Janik: Stand-upProv (Saturday, 6:45pm at Hideout Upstairs) We’re debuting a new show at OOB this year: Comics will not see their setlist before hitting the stage and will therefore be forced to improvise a stand-up set, each having around 5 minutes. Performers from all disciplines are welcome, you don’t have to be a veteran at either stand-up nor prov. To be considered, please send an email to producer Kerri Lendo explaining your street credibility and any relevant improv or stand-up experience.

8. Travel Info

Please get your travel plans to our Talent Coordinator, Emma Holder, so we can best accommodate your airport and/or accommodation needs. Her email is emmaholder AT gmail DEET com

9. Promo

Please help to promote the festival and your show(s. by posting on Facebook about how awesome we/you are. What’s good for the goose, etc…….. our facebook: our twitter: our tumblr (please post at will):

10. MUCHO Importante

One last note about your show, we are very strict about time as the schedule is super tight. Please refer to an earlier email if you don’t know how long your set is. We will black you out and it will be awkward for you if you go long. A note to sketch troupes: Please travel light and be prepared for your tech rehearsal with a cue script (we will schedule these as the festival gets closer.) Also, be advised, we will black you out if you run long.

Jeremy Sweetlamb – 512 293 1905 cupholders AT Dave Buckman – 512 983 7085 buckprov AT Kareem Badr – 512 968 6486 roy AT Roy Janik - 512 638 7265 kareem AT Kerri Lendo (stand-up) – 267 994 6864 kerri.lendo AT