Tuesday, August 30th

8pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Dave Buckman, Tom Booker, Asaf Ronen, John Ratliff

You're Not My Real Dad

Austin, TX

Long an Austin Improv fan favorite...

"Upbeat", "fresh-faced", and "brimming with youthful enthusiasm"

These are phrases you will never, ever hear applied to Austin's You're Not My Real Dad. A troupe with over 60 years of stage experience between them. Embittered by experience, railroaded by relationships, down by law, YNMRD are never going to see thirty again, and they're pissed about it. They get their inspiration from old LPs and their dinner from the gas station. This is improv with authority from the last people you'd want to have any:

John Ratliff (The Diamond Smugglers, The Glamping Trip)
Asaf Ronen (yesand.com, Confidence Men)
Tom Booker (The Annoyance Theater, Confidence Men)
Dave Buckman (Boom Chicago, The Frank Mills)

Cast:Jericho Thorp, Nathan Livni

Magician versus Clown

(Sketch) Austin, TX

Magician versus Clown is a magic act gone wrong.

Nathan Livni and Jericho Thorp use comedy, slapstick, and good ol' fashioned hocus-pocus to continually undermine each other. A typical show includes threats, pies in the face, moral degradation, and approximately one magic trick.

Formed in 201 MvC has quickly developed a cult following by emceeing rock shows, soaking audience members, and publicly debating the merits of factory farming.

This will be their first festival performance.

Cast:Jordan T. Maxwell, Estevan "Chuy" Zarate, David Lampe


Austin, TX

iZARZAMORA! brings their semi-encyclopedic knowledge of pseudo history to bear in their signature format, THE DEVICE! Taking the suggestion of a common everyday modern object, the trio leap back in time to explore the epic series of events throughout history, the web of coincidence, convergence and causality to reveal the ENTIRELY TRUE secret origin of that suggested object.

iZARZAMORA! are David Lampe, Jordan T. Maxwell and Estevan "Chuy" Zarate, three of Austin improv's most distinguished (they've been around a while), celebrated (people have seen them perform) and beloved (they might buy you a beer) performers.

With very different backgrounds and training, ranging from shortform games to longform narrative to experimental genres, the three share a love of improv, comedy and storytelling (and beer...they LOVE beer) that blend these styles into the energy, mischief and fun that is (say it with us!)...iZARZAMORA!

The world is their sandbox. Time is their favorite toy. Won't you come along and play?