To purchase tickets for a specific show, go to the Calendar and click on the blue "Tickets" links or go to the page of the show you'd like to see and hit the purple "Buy tickets" button.



  • The Jack Festival Pass (does not include Sunday late show) - $77 - Buy now
  • The Arnie Festival Pass (all shows including Sunday late show) - $99 - Buy now
  • The Tiger Festival Pass (all shows including Sunday late show plus a T-shirt and a copy of Out of Print) - $111 - Buy now


Individual show tickets range from FREE to $25, cash or credit at the door or online by clicking the Get Tickets button next to a show on the schedule.

Shows tend to sell out VERY quickly, so please make your purchases when the spirit moves you.

Please note that tickets at ColdTowne and The Velveeta Room are cash only at the door, and once you pay, you can stay as long as you want.


  • You can buy an Out of Bounds T-shirt when you go to see shows for the low, low price of $10.
  • You can buy Out of Print Vol.2, the Out of Bounds literary magazine, for $10. Pre-Order now.


Buying a ticket online gives you a paid reservation. Your seats will be held for you until 10 minutes before show time, after which they may be sold to patrons on the waiting list. Tickets are not refundable.