Friday, September 2nd

11pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Jason Newman, Chuck Watkins, Alan Metoskie, Jeffery Mills


(Sketch) Austin

Shut down by the government in 2005, Austin's infamous sketch troupe reunites from across the globe with a brand new show that which bends time, space, & reality; broadcasting the fever dreams of brilliant minds, by inserting them in science's most diabolical creation, The ThinkTank.

The Austin Chronicle has called ThinkTank "one of the most innovative and talented ensembles in sketch" with members having performed at The SanFran SketchFest, Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, and on Comedy Central.

Cast:Sam Dingman, Ben Masten

Audience of Two

(Sketch) New York

Ben Masten and Sam Dingman weren't always the two suave, debonair comedians you see here. They were young once. Inexperienced. But now they've been around the block a few times. They've seen shit that would blow your fucking mind. And now they're going to share that mind-blowery with you in a night of all new sketches and songs, you lucky audience you.

Audience of Two is a two-man sketch comedy team from New York City, specializing in painfully honest portrayals of their ongoing struggles with adulthood. They also offer cheerfully bizarre songs about such trenchant topics as ghost neighbors, lobster thermidor, and James Joyce's secret identity (a dinosaur gifted with intelligence and speech). Sam and Ben have now been performing together for ten years, and if annoying each other and then writing sketches about it doesn't pay off soon, they're in big trouble.

Cast:Scott Davis, Marshall Givens, Kristen Rozanski, Kenny Stevenson, Andree Vermeulen, David Phillips, Joe Saunders, Adam McCabe, Elise Rosen, Brooke Tansley, Julie Whitesell, Bryan Safi

Oh Brother!

(Sketch) Los Angeles, CA

"Oh, Brother!" is a Maude Team, or house sketch team, at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Los Angeles, and they will be doing a "best of" of their best material. There will be wild characters, videos, impressions, multi-media presentations, and maybe someone will win a prize (that last thing probably won't happen)

"Oh, Brother!" is made up of six writers and six performers to equal 12 unstoppable forces of nature and time. One of them may be a cyborg.