Thursday, September 1st

12am @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Aden Kirschner (Girls Girls Girls, Esther's Follies), Asaf Ronen (Confidence Men, Institution Theater, roommate), CJ Allen (Confidence Men, Two Man Polanski), Curtis Luciani (Your Terrific Neighbors), Jeremy Lamb (Available Cupholders, OOB Executive Producer), John Ratliff (You're Not My Real Dad, The Glamping Trip), Kacey Samiee (Girls Girls Girls, Girl Embassy World Team, Safe*House), Mike Ferstenfeld (Confidence Men, Dys Theatre), Troy Dillinger (Austin Variety Show)

The Roast of Tom Booker

Austin, TX

Tom Booker has been performing for over 25 years. He moved to Austin from LA 4 years ago, and he hasn't let the move stop him from name-dropping Los Angeles celebrity names at every possible opportunity.

To show our love for Tom, the comedy community is going to put him on stage in front of his adoring public and roast him until he cries.

About Tom Booker:

Tom Booker has studied improvisation and sketch at The Second City Training Center and with legendary improv guru Del Close at Chicago's ImprovOlympic. He is a founding member of Chicago's Annoyance Theatre and has been a director and instructor at The Second City Training Center in Los Angeles.

Tom co-wrote and co-directed (with producing partner Jon Kean) the feature film Kill The Man starring Luke Wilson, which premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. Through Theatre-A-Go-Go!, the L.A. theater company he founded, Tom wrote and directed "Patty, Patty, BANG! BANG! - The Patty Hearst Musical!" and "Up With Puberty!" (co-written with Whose Line Is It Anyway?'s musical director, Laura Hall), and a stage production of Valley Of The Dolls (which starred Kate Flannery of The Office) at New York's Circle In The Square Theater.

Tom performed in The Annoyance Theatre's Off-Broadway production of "The Real Live Brady Bunch" at the world famous Village Gate Theatre and at the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angeles.

He has appeared in several television shows, a few movies and nearly a hundred commercials.