Saturday, September 3rd

7:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Craig Kotfas, Michael Joplin, Ace Manning

The Knuckleball Now


Yes, The Knuckleball Now is an improv comedy troupe based in Austin ... but first and foremost, TKN is a philosophy, an energy, and a way of being. It's all about HAVING FUN. It's having an unwavering faith in each other when the brain synapses are in sync and achieve connection through chaos. We pride ourselves in trying to give each other a great time in the moment ... and the crowd is the beneficiary, because there's more than enough "great time" to go around. TKN are constantly looking for the game, raising the stakes, and thinking two steps ahead.

"The Knuckleball Now' super playful, exuberant improv from some of Austin's best improvisers. The Knuckleball Now has a reputation for creating a show where anything can and does happen. Not to be missed." --The Hideout Theatre

Cast:Madeline Walter, Will Berson, Suzi Barrett, Jacob Reed, Colton Dunn

Rough Cut

Los Angeles

Rough Cuts starts off by asking for the lyric to a song and then gives you the world. And by "world" they mean "improvised movie." From the opening shot to the closing credits Rough Cut will astonish you with movie magic. Get some popcorn, turn off your cellphone and if there is a problem with the picture, get your eyes checked. It's real, BABY!

Suzi Barrett is a teacher and performer at UCB. Other credits include Boom Chicago, iO, iO West, and over 30 national commercials. Writing credits include Infomania!, and VH1's The Short List.

Colton Dunn performs with UCB's ASSSSCAT. Writing credits include 'MadTV,' Nick Swardson's 'Pretend Time,' and MTV's 'Boiling Points.' TV credits: 'Parks and Rec,' 'The League,' and 'Children's Hospital.' Improv credits: Boom Chicago, Comedy Sportz, and Chicago City Limits.

Jacob Reed has written and directed comedy for Funny or Die, Comedy Central, Current TV and Universal. His sketch group, Tremendosaur, has been featured by The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Deadline Hollywood, and Entertainment Weekly. Look for him as the lead in the indie feature, 'Kill Me Now,' in theaters Summer 2011.

Madeline Walter can be seen in several national commercials, in an episode of CBS's 'The Defenders,' and on stage at UCB LA, where she has been part of Harold night, Maude night, and various other sketch and improv shows. She has had plays produced both in Los Angeles and New York, and her play, 'Mary Brigit Poppleton is Writing a Memoir,' was produced Off-Broadway at the Fringe Encore Festival in 2007.

Will Berson has performed improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater since its inception, appearing in Feature Feature, Amy Poehler's All Star Nerd Round-Up, and ASSSSCAT 3000. He's written for several television shows, including 'Scrubs' and Nickelodeon's 'The Mighty B!,' created by and starring Amy Poehler. Most recently he wrote a pilot for David Milch (Deadwood, NYPD Blue).