Thursday, September 1st

8pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Mo Daviau, Peter Rogers, Susannah Raulino, Topping Haggerty, Amy Averett, Chelsea Gilman, Neal Tibrewala, Dave Rosenbaum, Howard Katz

The Dancy Street D'Orchestra


Dancy Street performs improvises musicals accompanied by a live band. A typical Dancy show is a long-form narrative, kicked off by a single audience suggestion, with multiple subplots weaving around a single central storyline. The large cast creates a wide array of characters, powerful backup singing, and (of course) big dance numbers.

Dancy Street formed in Austin in January 2010, when improv-singing students at Merlin Works decided one class a week just wasn't enough spontaneous music for them. Since then, the troupe has performed big, longform, improvised musicals at Coldtowne, the Lair, SVT, and did a monthlong headlining run at the Hideout Theatre.

Previous Festival Appearances:
- Wafflefest 2010
- 41 Hour Improv Marathon at The Hideout Theatre

Cast:Brittaney Wright, Mike Breese, Danu Uribe, Vanessa Gonzalez, Yamina Khouane, Michael Domangue

Delta Burka

Austin, TX

Delta Burka performs montage-style longform improv which consists of a melange of unrelated (sometimes related) scenes between a variety of characters created on the spot. Their goal is to create relationships that are relatable to the audience and simultaneously entertain with absurdity.

Delta Burka was the first improv class to study and graduate together from The New Movement Theater and become a house troupe. They have delighted audiences with their playful style and colorful characters, so much so that they were named champions of The New Movement's improv competition, 'The Main Event'. They have performed in several comedy festivals including The New Movement's 'Megaphone Marathons' in June where they toured between Dallas and New Orleans, peddling their brand of fun.

Cast:Kristin Firth

Revlis: Improv... FROM THE FUTURE

Austin, TX

Revlis: Improv... FROM THE FUTURE

Meet Revlis. She comes to us from a distant future. Here only briefly to exchange greetings, learn something about a different time, and maybe share a moment or two. A solo improv performance from Kristin Firth.

Kristin Firth has been an improviser for over six years, performing in NYC, Austin, and in festivals across the country. You can catch her multiple times almost every weekend in Austin performing with her duo Firth&Arjet, or in Hideout Theatre mainstage shows or Gnap! company projects. She also teaches improv classes at the Institution Theater. Kristin created her solo show, Revlis, in 2010, and is excited to bring it to festivals everywhere.

Previous Festival Appearances:

- 2011 Chicago Improv Festival