Friday, September 2nd

7pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Matt Birnholz, Nicolas DeGrazia, Daphne Scott with special appearances by Graham Skipper of NYC sketch troupe "FUCT."

The Comic Thread

(Sketch) Chicago, IL

Slightly edgy, mostly funny, and all original, Chicago's The Comic Thread (TCT) is one of the only troupes with a majority of doctors in it. Seriously. Real doctors. It's weird.

The cast and crew of this show are poised to prey upon your Texan senses with a zillion sound cues, curious and original characters, lots of costumes, and a penchant for making fun of Nazis. And there might be nudity.

Recently returned from winning Best Group and being nominated for Best Writing at the 2011 LA Comedy Festival, The Comic Thread's core members have been collaborating on stage since 1998. Cast members can currently be seen in various Chicagoland TV ads as well in a handful of 30-second spots playing exclusively at Wrigley Field. The troupe has also sold-out all of its Chicago Sketchfest appearances. Comic Thread is a true theatrical experience that begins with character-driven material written by a team of seasoned writers and acted by an energetic cast of real, living people! As a testament to the writers' brilliance, the troupe was almost named "The Captain Sugarpants Brigade" but that idea was dropped when the much more hilarious "Comic Thread" was suggested. Hysterical. And TCT hasn't looked back since. At least not without crying.

Cast:Bill Stern, Drennen Quinn, Ross Kimball, Dave Maher, Daniel Strauss



Computer puts their own unique spin on that most ubiquitous of improv forms known as the montage, pushing it to the point of breaking and reveling in the pieces that remain.

A typical Computer show starts with a single audience suggestion that inspires a group scene, and the show spins out from there to include big characters, fantastical leaps of logic, improbable physical feats, and bursts of song. Computer plays each show like a rambunctious and gleeful game of truth or dare, which makes all of their shows loose, unpredictable, and, most importantly, fun.

Computer is a high-energy four-man improv comedy team formed by four high-energy men from Chicago's improv comedy scene. They have trained and performed at The Second City, The Annoyance Theatre, iO Chicago, and The Playground Theater. They love to play together, and their sense of fun is infectious to audiences.

Cast:Curtis Luciani, Joel Osborne, Courtney Hopkin

Your Terrific Neighbors

(Sketch) Austin, Texas

Join Your Terrific Neighbors and spend some time in the company of volleyball children, magic sex pencils and dudes who love to 69, bro! (There will be many other things as well.) You come, you enjoy, and you leave with some of the weight of this world temporarily eased from your straining shoulders.

Your Terrific Neighbors, Austin's humorest sketch troupe and winners of Coldtowne's 2010 Sketch Brawl, drops sketches on Austin's head on a monthly basis at Hideout Theatre. YTN has been performing around Austin for 2 years and prides themselves on creating the most smartly dumb comedy around.